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Been Awhile


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here…or posted anywhere.  Life took over.  Moved jobs, two kids (fostering to adopt so no cute pictures) and had another surgery.  Lots going on.

But I want to get back to writing.  Not specifically fitness or food…but how I’m handling the changes.  Because all the changes make my old life difficult and my new life so much more fun.

Now to figure out the simple things like updating my page and uploading photos.



Look what happens when Hunni leaves his cell phone…

Ultimate Race Goals


Some people set time goals for races wanting to PR – set personal records – for each race.  I’m just happy I can run.  The day I ran a mile without stopping I was hooked and knew I’d run 1,000+ more.

something missing

I hunt the pages of Runners’ World and creating my dream race list.  Much like my fitness bucket list, I may – or may not – run these races but a girl can dream.  I dream big.

Spain Running of the Bulls

  • Hilton Head Island Half Marathon – Some of my family lives here and it would be great to run a race they could watch.
  • Stockade-a-thon – the pretty houses are enough to sign up.

As I struggle through Physical Therapy and run in the pool instead of on land I dream of my ultimate races.

  • Bay to Breakers – Hills galore and an awesome distance at 12K
  • Peach Tree Road Race – Running in the blazing Georgia heat on the 4th of July…why not?
  • Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Race – I walked through the park each day of our trip but couldn’t run.  I’d love to go back and run.

garden of gods

And the ultimate of ultimate.


My race list for this year is still up in the air but I love dreaming of all the races to add to my calendar and friends to run with.  Now to actually register for a few when my ankle cooperates.

What is your dream race?

Best Invention Ever

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At our CDNY picnic celebrating Jen’s and Heather’s birthday  I declared my Snuggie the “best invention ever.”  Let’s say I received a bit of flack.  They laughed and vetoed my idea with a unanimous vote.  Yet I shall defend my statement because I hate to lose.

snuggie art

My Snuggie is more than a blanket with sleeves…they are special sleeves.  In winter we set our heat at 65 degrees or less to save money.  In those cold temperatures I love having my hands free to type, read, eat, etc.  Snuggie inventors were geniuses.


Besides the basic warmth, my Snuggie gives me super powers.

I’m the Queen of the castle.


I’m allergy super girl, whipping up delicious meals in a single bound.


Or perhaps I look a bit more like Elvis.


It makes me 1000% more snuggly to the puppers.


Or maybe they are trying to steal it.


But I always win!


Does your favorite blanket do that?

Racing Not Running


I never wanted to be a runner…now I want nothing else.

quarter marathon 005 quarter marathon 017blog pics 052

Sometimes I drag Hunni…and he loves it. Winking smile

running lovers

Unfortunately injuries come along for the ride run…even with elite athletes.  The worst part is this injury is not from running.

Hello I’m Cynthia and I’m an injured runner.


When my ankle betrayed me I muttered over and over in the ER, “Heather is going to kill me.”  I picture messaged “I pulled a Heather.” and tweeted…

ankle tweet

I was registered for a 10k on April 30th to celebrate Heather and Jen’s birthday.

No backing out of this race.  It was a celebration not a competition.  I would walk the race just to be there.

Great friends made the day worth it.


We enjoyed goofing before the race as the 10k racers prepped and tried to warm up.


Emily, Melissa and I enjoyed silly antics while the 10k racers were tip toeing through mud.  I tried to get a picture of this cute doxie, MooMoo, for Kristina and Caitlin but she was too busy sniffing.


As each friend crossed the finish line I practiced my race photo skills.  I think I need improvement…Chris is a blur.


Then it was 5K time.  Emily and Heather were supportive and walked with me.


The running bug bit Emily and bit hard.  She ran surpassed her goal of running to the mile marker and was soon flying past us on her way to the finish line. Go EMILY!!!


Heather was an awesome race photographer…


and helped push me to the finish.  I finished strong and with a time I’m proud of. 228552_524139718688_104700831_30614009_3306678_n

No ankle pain…just a few blisters which are a great excuse for new shoes. Laughing out loud

The best part of racing with healthy living bloggers friends is we know how to refuel with fun.


The picnic spread was amazing…


even gluten-free pound cake.  Thank you to Jen’s friend who made a dessert I could eat and loved every bite.

With great friends not being able to run doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the race.


The Other Organics


I’m sure you’ve heard of the Dirty Dozen guide for buying organic foods.  I buy organic or from local farmers I know where budget permits.  My stomach appreciates pesticide-free food because pesticides are a big pest.


Then there are all the other things labeled organic.  Everything from soaps and shampoo to baby diapers.  I’ve purchased a few hits and misses.  For me organic does not always equal quality.

The Hits!

  • My favorite dress.  With a description like that, it’s pretty obvious I love my dress by Global Girlfriend. The perfect mix of comfort and versatility with a great message.  IMG_6501Global Girlfriend provides micro grants or micro credit to women in struggling countries to build their own eco-friendly and fair trade craft businesses.   The dress looks as good today as it did the day I bought it.  I’m excited to buy it in another color and a few other things to help these women gain economic security.
  • Recycled Cutting Board.  I tend to wander the aisles of Target for no reason.  Okay I have a reason…I’m looking for fun stuff to buy.  Sometime last year I came across a green cutting board that is actually red. IMG_5996  Actually the eco-smart cutting board comes in multiple colors.  I chose red to mark it as my cutting board to avoid cross contamination.  Best of all I can send it to be recycled again when it begins to show the wear and tear. IMG_5997
  • Cleaning Products.  I’ve always wanted to buy green cleaning products but didn’t want to waste all the products I already had.  When my allergies hit full force I was, well forced to go green. (pun intended!)  Chelle has been my guide along the way.  It’s amazing what baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, borax and a little elbow grease can do. green (source)
  • Burt’s Bees.  Hello, my name is Cynthia, and I’m a chap stick addict.  I’ve tried them all but Burt’s Bees is the only lip balm that stops the chapping for me and doesn’t feel like a layer of icing on my lips.  bee(source)  Real icing might be fun to lick off but wouldn’t help the chapping.
  • Shave Bar.  Hunni has a baby face.  While at the Troy Farmers’ Market last year I stumbled upon Rad Soap CompanyIMG_3963No big name brand soap or suds saved his baby face from the evil razor but I don’t want to live with a mountain man. This shave bar is made locally with many scents so he tastes good enough to eat…if it weren’t for the lye. Smile

The Misses Sad smile

  • Deodorant.  Maybe I am super stinky but organic deodorant does not work for me.  I’ve tried several types but I always end up with pit stains and still a bit smelly. IMG_7524 I’ll stick with my Secret for now.
  • Toothpaste.  I understand the concept behind basic toothpaste.  But if I wanted to brush my teeth with baking soda and peroxide I wouldn’t buy a fancy tube of toothpaste.  In fact the taste is so rechid – yes even the mint – I don’t want to brush my teeth.  Let’s face it…that’s bad for everyone.

Tell me some of your non-food organics I should try.

*Note: I was not paid to blog about any of these items.  All opinions are my own and I purchased them all with my good looks…I mean debit card.*

This Little Veggie Went to Market


This Saturday is my favorite Saturday all year…the Local Farmers’ Market opens for the season.


Okay I’ll admit I enjoy the first Saturday race of the year but the market screams SPRING!!!!

Just look at the garden goodness.


From the farmers I’ve come to know by name.


Some barely make it home from the market…I eat them in the car. Smile


After my adventures in canning last year, I made a list.  A list of the things I’d love to can to carry me through the coming winter.  It’s coming whether I like it, or not…emphasis on the NOT!


I’ve also learned what to stay away from.  Those pesky Big Red Bombs.


Instead I’ll enjoy plenty of sweet treats.


Spring food is so much fun!


Last Week’s Goals:

  • Slow and steadyOkay I wasn’t up all night for work tasks. I had those finished well in advance.  Yet my brain was still on hyper drive from all the stress and planning.  On the bright side it gave me an excuse to watch the Royal Wedding, twice. It was so beautiful and I especially loved the ceremony elements from music to scripture.  Kate and William were fantastic.  (source)wedding picA few others were spectacular as well.  Posh was, well, posh.  (source) beckham
  • Wakka-Wakka.  I did it!  I walked the entire 5K and then some with all the trips I had to make to the van.  More detail later this week.  One thing I realized…I need new shoes.  My feet do not like my second attempt at new shoes.  Back to Fleet FeetI go when I’m cleared to run.
  • Write it down.  I didn’t sleep a ton…but when I did I was dead to the world.  I didn’t need the journals.  Now I just need to work on sleeping earlier.
  • Rituals.  My daily 10 keeps me sane when everything around me is insane.  Number ten was HUGE this week.
  • Friends and Family.  You are all awesome…the end!

This Week’s Goals:

  • New workouts.  I am still on the mend with my ankle so alternative exercise it is.  I wish I could try something out of the X games but I’ll stick with water aerobics this week.  Those old ladies kicked my butt last week.
  • Baby, oh baby.  We have a few friends having babies…NOT US!  With all the crazy work schedule stuff done I can focus on baby quilt making. Smile
  • Kitchen Duty.  With crazy work schedules come lots of take out, scrambled eggs and cereal.  I’m excited to cook cook.  Look out for some fun recipes.
  • Organize.  I started going through boxes we haven’t opened in, uh, 3 years.  Oops.  Now I need to learn Craigslist to get rid of some things.  Anyone want to help?
  • Big changes…okay this will be a bit cryptic.  But there’s lots of stuff coming up so I need to prep.  I bought a new list pad just for this.