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Ultimate Race Goals


Some people set time goals for races wanting to PR – set personal records – for each race.  I’m just happy I can run.  The day I ran a mile without stopping I was hooked and knew I’d run 1,000+ more.

something missing

I hunt the pages of Runners’ World and creating my dream race list.  Much like my fitness bucket list, I may – or may not – run these races but a girl can dream.  I dream big.

Spain Running of the Bulls

  • Hilton Head Island Half Marathon – Some of my family lives here and it would be great to run a race they could watch.
  • Stockade-a-thon – the pretty houses are enough to sign up.

As I struggle through Physical Therapy and run in the pool instead of on land I dream of my ultimate races.

  • Bay to Breakers – Hills galore and an awesome distance at 12K
  • Peach Tree Road Race – Running in the blazing Georgia heat on the 4th of July…why not?
  • Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Race – I walked through the park each day of our trip but couldn’t run.  I’d love to go back and run.

garden of gods

And the ultimate of ultimate.


My race list for this year is still up in the air but I love dreaming of all the races to add to my calendar and friends to run with.  Now to actually register for a few when my ankle cooperates.

What is your dream race?

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