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This Little Veggie Went to Market


This Saturday is my favorite Saturday all year…the Local Farmers’ Market opens for the season.


Okay I’ll admit I enjoy the first Saturday race of the year but the market screams SPRING!!!!

Just look at the garden goodness.


From the farmers I’ve come to know by name.


Some barely make it home from the market…I eat them in the car. Smile


After my adventures in canning last year, I made a list.  A list of the things I’d love to can to carry me through the coming winter.  It’s coming whether I like it, or not…emphasis on the NOT!


I’ve also learned what to stay away from.  Those pesky Big Red Bombs.


Instead I’ll enjoy plenty of sweet treats.


Spring food is so much fun!


Last Week’s Goals:

  • Slow and steadyOkay I wasn’t up all night for work tasks. I had those finished well in advance.  Yet my brain was still on hyper drive from all the stress and planning.  On the bright side it gave me an excuse to watch the Royal Wedding, twice. It was so beautiful and I especially loved the ceremony elements from music to scripture.  Kate and William were fantastic.  (source)wedding picA few others were spectacular as well.  Posh was, well, posh.  (source) beckham
  • Wakka-Wakka.  I did it!  I walked the entire 5K and then some with all the trips I had to make to the van.  More detail later this week.  One thing I realized…I need new shoes.  My feet do not like my second attempt at new shoes.  Back to Fleet FeetI go when I’m cleared to run.
  • Write it down.  I didn’t sleep a ton…but when I did I was dead to the world.  I didn’t need the journals.  Now I just need to work on sleeping earlier.
  • Rituals.  My daily 10 keeps me sane when everything around me is insane.  Number ten was HUGE this week.
  • Friends and Family.  You are all awesome…the end!

This Week’s Goals:

  • New workouts.  I am still on the mend with my ankle so alternative exercise it is.  I wish I could try something out of the X games but I’ll stick with water aerobics this week.  Those old ladies kicked my butt last week.
  • Baby, oh baby.  We have a few friends having babies…NOT US!  With all the crazy work schedule stuff done I can focus on baby quilt making. Smile
  • Kitchen Duty.  With crazy work schedules come lots of take out, scrambled eggs and cereal.  I’m excited to cook cook.  Look out for some fun recipes.
  • Organize.  I started going through boxes we haven’t opened in, uh, 3 years.  Oops.  Now I need to learn Craigslist to get rid of some things.  Anyone want to help?
  • Big changes…okay this will be a bit cryptic.  But there’s lots of stuff coming up so I need to prep.  I bought a new list pad just for this.
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  1. 02/05/2011 6:23 AM

    all this great stuff and Im left thinking: how did I miss that youre a quilter??

    • 02/05/2011 9:48 AM

      I have no idea how you missed that Carla. I have a billion posts about it. 🙂 I only quilt for gifts. But it’s so fun. We should chat soon.

  2. 02/05/2011 5:20 PM

    Are you definitely going to the market this weekend? Do you want company?


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