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Must Do Daily


Daily 10 was a show on E! before they realized it was EXACTLY THE SAME as E! News.  Let’s face it, I watched both because E! is where I get my news.  It’s helped me win many trivia contests along the way.


I create daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to-do lists…heck even hourly. I want to accomplish everything all the time.

to do

(source and a great resource)

Even amidst these lists I have one more VIL – very important list.  My own Daily 10 things to keep me sane.

  1. Food that tastes good.  Cooked at home, rushed at my desk or ordered to go.  As long as it good my day is happier. IMG_7744
  2.  Soundtracks for the day. Music or Podcasts honestly improve my productivity.  This week it’s been my Adele station on Pandora for the calm soothing voice.

    Some days it’s Nerdistto laugh my hiney off.  Then there are the days it’s a random station I created with show tunes, Metallica and Michael Buble.

  3. Mental breaks.  Usually this is blog reading time.  For fun, inspiration, intrigue, or laughs.
  4. Target or Grocery trip…even if only in my mind.  I dream, not dream or day-dream about my favorite places all the time.  fresh market(picture from Courtney)
  5. Sweat it out.  Gym, moving boxes, hot kitchens, or finding the remote by tossing cushions leading to pillow fights.
  6. Prayer.  Whether structured – or a little less than– Prayer gets me through the good and bad.
  7. Connection.  A quick email, tweet, Facebook post or call is essential.  It let’s others know I’m still alive and I care.
  8. Water.  Preferably to drink but I enjoy puddle jumping and pool antics as well. IMG_3726
  9. TV Zone.  Even if all my to-dos aren’t to-done…time with Hunni is important while relaxing with a movie or our favorite shows.
  10. Breathe.  Sometimes I forget.  IMG_5264Honestly I need to go back to #3 or #5 or #6 or even #9 to remind me it will all be okay if I breathe.

What’s your Daily 10 to keep you sane?


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