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Cupcake Wonderful Cupcake + Goals


Ahhhhh Easter Sunday.  Celebration with my church family was fantastic and full of rejoicing.


Then there was the cupcake.  Oh my wonderful cupcake.


*Note: Jesus Christ’s resurrection more important than any cupcake.*

Hunni and I enjoyed our delicious Easter lunch, which I’ll share Thursday, and then Easter dessert.  For him it was his favorite , coconut pie…


For me it was the Kryptonite…I mean my ginger chocolate cupcake. They were out of my ginger one, but the chocolate are pretty good too.


Smells divine and I might have made googley eyes at the gingery chocolaty goodness.


It was good…very good.  Truth be told like any cupcake the frosting was better than the cakeIMG_1855

I ate a few bites and then licked the rest.


It was worth the wait. Smile

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Mail Taxes.  Hmmmm.  I did mail them off.  I usually send them off week’s early so I didn’t realize I should have gone to the POST OFFICE instead of dropping them in the mail box, which had already been picked up for the day.  The IRS will forgive this small error, right?  Please Mr. IRS man…or woman.
  • Crazy Busy Schedule. I’m proud to say…I was done all my church tasks in advance.  Okay they’re always done before Sunday if you consider 11:59 pm Saturday.  However this Saturday night was the BBCA season premier of Dr. WHO.  I know Hunni and I weren’t the only ones watching.  A lot of other work was don this week but we all know Dr. Who was important. Smile
  • Organize my sh**.  Why is packing things away so hard?  I dry-cleaned my winter coats for packing away…and then it snowed. I did however make lists of all the things to put away…I like lists. Smile
  • Read and relax.  Hmm.  When I’m productive I have more time to read.  In fact I finished two books this week.  It might have something to do with insomnia. Annoyed

This Week’s Goals:

  • Slow and steady.  Despite accomplishing a ton last week I still have a good bit left on my to-do list.  I’m taking my time to do it right the first time because I do not wish to be up all night getting tasks done.  Did you hear that brain…I don’t want to be up all night!
  • Wakka-WakkaUh, that should be walking…a 5K that is.  My 10K race is Saturday but my ankle is not so keen on the idea.  Instead my friend Emily is walking with me and we’re playing cheerleaders for the other CDNY girls who are running the 10K.  Run, Bloggers, Run!
  • Write it down.  Lots of stress leads to lack of sleep.  To ease my troubled mind, I’m keeping my notebooks next to the bed.  Blog ideas, to-do tasks, and randomness pop in all night long.  Instead of worrying I’ll forget them, I’ll write them down.  


    Warning to self:  They may look like this.

  • Rituals.  My OCD comes can get out of control at times but I have rituals to prevent more rituals from happening.  Make sense.  Don’t worry I’ll explain what rituals keeps me sane later this week.  I need to get back to them.
  • Friends and Family.  So many things happening at once.  Friends and family are keeping me – sort of sane – now.  Sort of is better than insane, right?

What goals are you tackling this week…I might have missed something? Smile


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