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Say Hello to My Little Friend


I met a new friend this week.  He’s small, flexible and slowly becoming my new best friend.  I’d like you to meet Joby.


Joby likes to hang out in the kitchen, especially when I’m cooking. He stares at all my recipecreations.


He’s especially fond of my washer/dryer…heck so am I.


Hunni’s trying to invite Joby to tease Leo with his spidery legs.  Until then Leo is snoozing. He’s dreaming he’s a turtle.


Last Week’s Goals:

Last week was for de-stressing after weeks of stress. 

I needed it because there is more stress on the horizon.

  • Take a bubble bath.  We’re out of bubble bath and I’m not telling who used it all.  But a fantastic shower with Eucalyptus body scrub and Nerdist pod casts are so relaxing.  Really! Just laugh the stress away. Smile
  • Eat at home.Cooking at home is peace.  Pulling ingredients out of the freezer dreaming combinations pulls my mind off the stress.  Plus food is fun.
  • Take a family walk. The snow is gone but I’m on rest again until Physical Therapy starts.  Hunni and I did go to the gym so I could ride the bike which was nice…until my butt fell asleep on the bike seat.
  • Sip tea with a good book. I breezed through two books this week.  I don’t want to count the amount of tea I drank but I think my body is 90% tea now instead of water.
  • Plan for my garden. Plans are underway.  I have ideas galore and a few put to practice thus far.  I’m looking forward to fresh peppers for stuffing and tomatoes for eating like candy.  Oh and the relaxing feeling of dirt under my fingernails for a reason.
  • Do yoga.  Savasanarocks!  Oh so did the few poses I did before like downward dog and mountain.  I made it up as I went and enjoyed every second.
  • Pray. Peace in the simplest form.
  • Write three positive things for every one negative thing I say about myself.  The list was long at the beginning of the week.  Daily reinforcement was a reminder I’m beautiful and important.  I left several Operation Beautiful notes so others could see it in themselves.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Mail Taxes.  They’ve been done for over two weeks yet sitting on my desk.  Thank God for Marathon Monday Patriots Day in Massachusetts.  I can get to the post office with no problem. Smile
  • Crazy Busy Schedule. Okay this is not really a goal.  But I do have a crazy schedule for this week of Easter in addition to my regular job is A LOT!  I will get through it and enjoy the events of Holy Week with my Church family.
  • Organize my sh**.  This is an ongoing project but with the change of seasons I need the sweaters to say bu-bye for a few months and bring out the shorts.
  • Read and relax.  Did you see the “goal” above?  Oh yea this week is super busy so I picked a new book and relaxing on on the schedule…I think I can, I think I can.
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  1. 18/04/2011 8:31 AM

    Some great goals! I like that your goals cover every aspect of your life!!

  2. 19/04/2011 12:15 AM

    Haha, I love your third goal- that’s what I tell myself every day!

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