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Top 5 Ways to Get the Sneeze Out


Whether you have seasonal allergies or major – hide in the plastic bubble until winter – allergies…pollen season Spring is here.  I love the sun, warming temperatures, oh and box of Kleenex attached to my hip…or nose.

nose kleenex


Even with allergy meds the sneezes still invade our day-to-day lives.  I’ve learned some basic tips for those of us playing Sneezy in Snow White…hey at least we aren’t Dopey or Grouchy.


  1. Wash hair daily.  Hair pollen glue.  The more time you spend outside the more pollen you bring inside.  Daily hair washing – or at least hair rinsing – removes a large amount of pollen…and prevents the extra daily sneezes. IMG_4441
  2. Close windows. So hard to say with the beautiful spring and summer breezes.  Especially after being cooped up all winter.  However once pollen enters your home through open windows it’s hard to get it out.  Warmer temperatures breed other allergens – dust mites, bed bugs, etc.– and soon they thrive.  Turn off the heat and use the air conditioner on especially warm days.  Ideal home temperature for allergy sufferers around 70 degrees.
  3. Enjoy afternoon weather. Sure you should keep the windows closed, when possible, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the beautiful weather.  Spring and summer months are time to get back outside for running, biking, walking and breathing.  To make the breathing easier go out after noon, literally.  Pollen counts are highest in the AM so try switching your activity to the evening…daylight savings time was made for allergy sufferers. Open-mouthed smile  Just remember the sunblock.  IMG_3793
  4. Use the dryer.  My energy-saving heart breaks to say this and so does Momma’s…she taught me line-drying at an early age. But pollen is a tricky sucker, clinging to clothing and sheets as they hang outside.  It’s like wearing, or sleeping with, a flower everyday.  You’ll need a Kleenex box for accessories or a pillow.
  5. Stop and smell the roses.  Pollen may send you to a haze of sneezing but they are so pretty.  Roses are known to cause the least allergy problems.  Enjoy the pretty blooms and fewer headaches and sneezes. Baby girl smelling giant rose

Spring and summer as wonderful break for the crazy days of winter.  You remember them.


Don’t let allergies get in the way.  Tell them, “Get the Sneeze out!”

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  1. actorsdiet permalink
    15/04/2011 9:22 PM

    that’s so interesting about the hair. but mine looks so good after 2 days of no shampoo!!!

    • 16/04/2011 8:50 AM

      I know! I’ve learned to either just rinse my hair or only use conditioner. It’s not exactly the same but works really well.

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