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Project Run Hunni


This is not a racing plan ala Skinny Runner and her brother Matt.  How cute is Nancy the mini-wiener puppy?  Hunni only does 5K’s with me and neither of us is running right now.


This is an entirely different type of family help.  Before we were married Hunni watched news and wrestling.  Okay news, wrestling and Dr. Who.


Yes that’s his favorite WWE Raw shirt and new Dr. Who movies. Smile

However the It All Changes household has one TV requiring compromise on shows.  After twisting of arms a little debate, shows were agreed upon.  Then Hunni admitted he secretly likes Project Runway.  He fancies himself my personal Tim Gunn.


I rarely dress up after wearing a uniform for work and gym clothes for everything else.  I hope Tim isn’t listening.  


When I dress up I feel pretty but I’m so indecisive.  I don’t have many clothes but struggle to mix and match outfits.  Hunni loves to help…at least more than Jeff Foxworthy helps his wife.

I choose the basics and Hunni selects the details.  He’s good!  He hinted Project Runway asked him to join the show but turned it down for a better position…mine. Winking smile

Look at the outfits he’s put together recently with some of my bargains and the tally.






Khaki Dress


Blue & White Hounds

tooth Sweater


Gold shoes/Brown tights (mine)












Blue and Grey Striped Shirt















striped cardigan


Black Tank







Gold Belt




Green Summer Dress/

Purple Sports bra  Winking smile/

Gold shoes (mine)








Grey Boyfriend Sweater


Red Belt


Black Tank




Gold Shoes







Blue Capris  –

NEW from Thrift store!


Turquoise Belt


Purple T-shirt


Sweater/shoes (mine)








Green Khaki Pants


Grey T-shirt


Red Belt


White cardigan (mine)









White flowy shirt


Black Belt


Black Tank


Black Skirt (mine)





The numbers please….


Khaki Dress                                  20.98

Jeggings                                          4.98

Multi-stripe Sweater                 8.74

Boyfriend Sweater                  14.00

Blue/Grey T-shirt                    10.48

Black Tank                                   7.00

Blue Skirt (not shown)            9.00

Purple shirt                                  7.00

Grey Shirt                                    7.00

The Salvation Army Family Store

Old Navy Capris – NEW!      4.99

Green Khaki Pants                   4.99

White flowy Shirt                    4.99

4 belts ($1.99 each)                7.96

Good Will

Hounds tooth Sweater        1.49


Total                            $113.60

**Bonus: I found a pair of Nike DriFit Running capris for $4.99. 

They mix and match with my TJ Maxx wicking tops.**

Not bad for a few days shopping.  The new pieces fit right in with my current wardrobe so no fighting in the bureau.  Stay tuned as I dig my jewelry out of the vault my night stand to accessorize.

How do you mix and match outfits?

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  1. 13/04/2011 10:54 AM

    Cute!! And your husband’s name sounds like “honey.” heheheh

    • 13/04/2011 4:57 PM

      It’s not his actually name…he doesn’t really want his real name on the blog all the time. But Hunni is pronounce Honey….he calls me Hunni’s Bunny. 🙂

  2. Erin permalink
    13/04/2011 11:19 AM

    That’s so cute! Your husband has good taste!!

  3. 13/04/2011 1:37 PM

    there’s my favorite houndstooth sweater again!! 😀

    and YES, you KNOW I love that sweet mini doxie!

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