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Dragging My Butt Out the Door


THS Relay for Life

My friend Heather is hosting the THS Raffle for Life on her blog! She’s helping her cousin Mickey raise money in memory of her Aunt Pat who passed away from cancer.

The raffle is LIVE until through Saturday the 16th. Please check it out! Cancer affects us all in some way and is a great cause.  Plus there are lots of really great gifts up for grabs!


Some days we want to run away from stress, worry, doubt and fear.

Instead I’m dragging my butt out the door…to the gym.

IMG_7962Sitting on the couch gets you nowhere.gym 006Lying in bed works no muscles… even in gym clothes.

Thinking about workouts may work the imagination or memory but no muscles.
IMG_8725You have to get up…
measure upPut on the shoes
IMG_6213Go….and be thankful you did.

What gets you out the door?

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  1. Barbara permalink
    12/04/2011 8:48 AM

    I needed this blog entry today, badly! Just dragging MY butt out the door in 5 minutes to go to AquaFit class.

    Some days, it’s knowing that friends and family will give me a hard time if I don’t go exercise that gets me out the door. Some days, its remembering that, with my very serious health issues (colitis, severe arthritis, depression), if I DON’T get regular exercise, or start getting it, I’m not going to be able to move, literally, ten years from now.

    But it’s always a struggle, isn’t it? *sighs*

    • 12/04/2011 10:24 AM

      I hear you on both accounts. I have to remind myself of what the difference will be in the long run if I don’t do the work now.

  2. 13/04/2011 9:27 AM

    I for one always thought that regular exercise is only a struggle in the beginning when you are not used to it. But once you have a regular schedule where you know you always work out on the same days for example, it becomes easier. The trouble is sticking true to your routine and to not leave out a day for whatever reason. It’s harder to start over than to continue – at least that’s the case with me.

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