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Dessert State of Mind


After the torture of delicious chocolate yesterday I really want dessert.  I think it’s time to change our dessert mind.

Ooey, gooey, sticky and sweet sound fantastic.


In Spain I learned that postre – which I thought was pastries – is actually FRUIT!


Yes, fruit for dessert.  Strawberries…





and so much more.


Why not combine them.  Sliced bananas with cut strawberries topped a dash of cinnamon and some raisins for extra sweetness.


Summer watermelons are perfect…personal watermelons. Mine, all mine! Winking smile


Who needs key lime pie with fun dessert like this?


Okay I do, but only as a treat.  But make mine the ginger cupcake, please. Open-mouthed smile


What your favorite dessert? Healthy and not-as-much?

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  1. 08/04/2011 8:22 AM

    Creme Brule is my favorite dessert. However, I’m not a big dessert person, but I do eat a lot of fruit through out the day.

    • 08/04/2011 10:37 AM

      Ahhh Creme brule. Reminds me of my grandma and how much she loved the crack of the sugar.

  2. 08/04/2011 8:38 AM

    If I’m trying to stay a little healthier, greek yogurt with a bit of melted bittersweet chocolate is like mousse. Honestly.

    Otherwise, anything dense and chocolate works well in my book. Brownies, ganache-based desserts…oh my.

    • 08/04/2011 10:38 AM

      I would expect nothing less. I used to love greek yogurt with a bit of honey or dark chocolate. It is a good healthy option.

  3. Jenna permalink
    08/04/2011 8:33 PM

    I’m actually not a huge chocolate, or sweets, fan (unless I’m pregnant with Joe’s kid, go figure…couldn’t get enough sweets then), but do like a bite of Joe’s dessert when he gets one. A taste and I’m good.

    There’s a cupcake place we found called SAS…red velvet cupcakes, YUM!!!

    And one of the best parts of summer is all the fresh, seasonal produce that explodes with flavor.

    • 09/04/2011 8:52 AM

      I agree…unless the chocolate is DARK, I can give or take. I don’t really like american chocolate. But when we went blueberry picking, I think I ate more than we took home. 🙂

  4. 09/04/2011 12:09 AM

    My favorite healthy dessert is strawberries, but my favorite not-so healthy dessert is anything with massive amounts of sugar 🙂

    • 09/04/2011 8:53 AM

      Strawberries are top of most people’s lists. My favorite fruit I’ve never seen in the US. I guess I need to move to Spain again.

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