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Butt Meets Car Seat + Goals


I think my butt is permanently glued to my driver’s seat.  IMG_9772Here there an everywhere.
IMG_9770Can I go home now?  Puh-lease!!!!!

The only good thing about all this driving is I get a lot of “reading” done.  I’ve avoided Pillars of the Earth even with recommendations from all my friends.  I love book recommendations, but have you seen the size of this book?

pillars books

Oh yeah…I have to read World Without End next…Follett is long winded.

I spied the audio version at the library on Thursday and picked up the first set.  Ken follettYes the first set.  This book is 32 CD’s instead of the usual 12 or so.  Ken follett

I finished six CD’s with my weekend driving alone.  With books on CD I forget my butt might be permanently affixed to the driver’s seat. Eye rolling smile

Last week I didn’t review my goals because I honestly needed another week to refocus.  Thus they became two-week goals with a few additions on health.

Last (two) weeks’ goals

  • 15 minutes of activity a day. Walking was my favorite activity these last two weeks.  I need to pack my swimming stuff for the pool this coming week but I’m happy I did some activity…most days.
  • Make Hummus. Yeah Baby!  I’m still eating while plotting new combinations. Winking smile
  • Relax. I started a new book a bought awhile ago and forgot about it.  The Pilot’s Wife is a page turner and I don’t want to miss anything.  I missed sleep reading just one more page requiring some naps.
  • Lovely ladies. Ooops. Missed out on fun for lots of work but had one fun evening catching up.
  • Record, record, record. Note to self: Busy weeks are no excuse not to track my food and activity.  In fact they are reasons to pre-track so I don’t mindlessly eat or “forget.”
  • Reading & Learning. Reading and writing helps me feel in control.  Reading information about all the things I’ve been struggling with and understanding how to control them better was a big step.

As for my Healthy Eating goals, I wasn’t perfect but I don’t intend to be.  I looked up points values and ingredients and was shocked I’d over estimated some things and underestimated others.  Key for me was consistency.  I looked EVERYTHING up…even my ginger chews.

Work conflicted with my regular Weight Watchers Meeting meeting so I went to a friend’s meeting on Thursday instead.  I read and re-read my materials – along with Roni’s Blog – to start fresh.  I needed to focus and remind myself that I can and will do this.

The hardest was avoiding emotional eating.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  I don’t have the best coping skills and usually run to relax.  With an ankle injury this is a no go.  My prior coping skills are extremely self-destructive so I eat.  Good news is I ate strawberries and pineapple instead of jars of Peanut Butter on the worst days and distracted myself by writing or reading on the not so bad day.  Re-learning is difficult but so worth it.

I’m still working on these goals over the next few weeks but others on the horizon.  I don’t want to be overwhelmed so it’s step-by-step.

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  1. 06/04/2011 9:43 AM

    Yay goals! Email me 😛

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