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Fad or Fact?


My life has been crazy for over a week.  Feels like DMX…okay maybe just his song…”Y’all going to make me lose my mind.” Or at least just the chorus.  I needed a break so I cut back from twitter for a bit and relaxed with a book…or my nook and some tea.

I’ve missed y’all and I’ve missed my blends (blog friends) on #fitblog.


To feel like I’ve participated I thought I’d answer the questions from this week.  It was fun to read all the answers.  So pretend it is Tuesday night at 9pm. Smile


Q1: What is the craziest fitness equipment you’ve ever bought from TV? Did it work?

I haven’t personally bought a piece of equipment but the mom of a friend had the thigh master from way back.  We joked with it and then tried to actually use it.  I remember it springing out of my thighs and smacking my foot.  Left a good bruise but I don’t think that was the purpose.
Q2: What fad diets have you tried (or been tempted to try)?

I’ve tried them all.  They were all tempting with promises of quick weight loss and a smoking body.  Unfortunately I wasn’t in the frame of mind at the time to make a decision about my health.  Balance is the only thing working for me.
Q3: What is your favorite 100% free way to work out?

I love, love, love playing with kids.  It’s actually part of my job.  Games at the park. Swimming in the lake. running, walking, bike riding.  Even teaching them yoga poses to calm down or dancing on rainy afternoons when stuck indoors.  Kids are fantastic workout partners because they don’t see it as working out.
Q4: What one piece of workout equipment do you hate?

I absolutely hate the inner/outer thigh machine at the gym.  I call it the birth machine.  Seriously…who created a machine that looks like this?

machine 2machine

And who willingly uses it?!  I’ll stick to using the cable machine and leg lifts.

How about you…pick a question and answer in the comments.  Or answer them all. Open-mouthed smile

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  1. 30/03/2011 8:42 AM

    On question 3, I don’t mean to brag, but DC’s pools are all free to all residents thanks to a corporate sponsorship. One such pool is a mile from where I live and is 50m long. Wonderful.

  2. 30/03/2011 8:54 AM

    So fun! I love answering the fitblog questions from the night before since I’ve been going to be early and missing all kinds of chats!! Let’s see…. there is a tricep machine at the gym that I HATE because it makes my elbows hurt so bad!

  3. lauramich permalink
    30/03/2011 9:24 AM

    I got most of the stupidity out of my system back in college. First, I tried the cabbage soup diet. I only lasted about three days, even by “cheating” and allowing myself a real dinner. The biggest problem was that I’d carry my cabbage soup lunch to campus with me only to have it leak all over my bag. Yuck.

    (Amazingly, I still make cabbage soup from time to time—but to enjoy as a side dish, not as my primary form of sustenance!)

    Next, I convinced my then-fiance (now husband) to go 50-50 with me on a Cardio Glide. Ridiculous and useless (not to mention that it feels slightly obscene). When we decided to get rid of it, my mom asked that we give it to her—and in the process of moving it, Teh Husband dropped it on his toe and ended up losing that toenail permanently.

  4. 30/03/2011 12:07 PM

    lol, i call those two machines the good-girl/bad-girl machines depending on which direction i’m going.

    my FAVORITE way to work out is with a buddy! i don’t care what we’re doing, if i have someone to work out with, i love it 100% more!

  5. Jenna permalink
    31/03/2011 12:19 PM

    So, the best part of the adductor/abductor machines is watching the old men get on them and pump it out. 🙂


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