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The Kitchen is Open


One time Oprah said her kitchen is officially closed at 7pm.  How wonderful if you have a personal chef who will turn off the lights and shut the door…or maybe lock the cabinets.


Not so easy if you live in my apartment where the kitchen and living space are connected.

Instead I created my own kitchen hours.

  • Open – The second I wake up.  I wake up and my stomach says “Feed me now”. If I don’t eat I look like a zombie.

IMG_7703PhotoSpin<br /> Office Imagery<br /> © 2001 PhotoSpin<br />

  • It’s also open during meals or when I’m hungry.  I realize these are loose but the closing hours are more important.

Closed – When I’m bored, tired, angry, annoyed, etc.  Get the picture.  I’m an emotional eater head to the kitchen for comfort.  Instead I’m sticking with sleep, exercise or tea.  IMG_4352When I set rules hard and fast, such as not eating after 8pm or only eating three square meals are a set-up.  I like rules but I subconsciously I also like breaking them. Winking smile Kitchen rules make me want to eat more.

Instead of closing the kitchen I keep it stocked with good stuff.  A fruit bowl on the counter for easy snacks instead of cookies.  IMG_4385Multiple quick meal options on the fridge. Oh and sending Hunni to the grocery store so I don’t buy the snacks in the first place. Smile My kitchen is open for business and I’m hungry.  How about some microwave apple crisp?

Does your kitchen have “hours”?

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  1. 16/03/2011 10:02 AM

    My dad used to tell us that the kitchen was closed when we were younger 🙂

    • 16/03/2011 2:32 PM

      So did my mom. Especially during the time before dinner when we would snack and spoil dinners.

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