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Spring Has Sprung


Daylight Savings Time tried to remind me spring is almost here…

spring ahead


Spring Ahead, Fall Back

I tried to fall back into bed but church called.

Two other fun facts let me know spring is definitely here:

  1. I crave cold cereal and milk instead of oatmeal or eggs for breakfast. IMG_8399 Something about cold milk and crunchy cereal says spring.  All I need now is fresh berries.
  2. Salads are back in business for lunches.  Anything in the fridge is fair game for toppings. salad (source) Bring on the salad fun. Smile

Spring better be here to stay…I’m getting used to seeing the grass again.

snow melt

How do you know spring is here?

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Rest. I’m a bit overzealous.  I HATE crutches…that’s a strong word and I mean it.  I gave them up on Tuesday and my ankle let me know it.  I did rest my mind and body. Time at my home second home and rainy days in bed with the family were peaceful.
  • Catch-up. Nope.  Just nope.  Ooops.  Try again.  But I did rest.
  • Find activity while injured.  Rest was ordered for the week…ooops.  Until I’m cleared Running, Zumba and Boot Camp are not going to happen, instead I’ll work on my core and upper body with things like DVD’s and the pool.
  • Check-it-off. I love checking things off the list.  This week was fantastic.  Only a bit more Monday and I’m caught up…before the onslaught begins again.
  • Date Day. Date day was earlier this week…thanks to Mr. Ankle.  I enjoyed the movie and time with Hunni, disconnected from the internet.  Now to make it a regular thing again.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Increase Water Intake. This is my first mini-goal as I work on my health.  I know I’m dehydrated and keep forgetting to drink water. Duh, drink water and problem solved.  My water bottles are going to get a workout this week.
  • Dr. Appointments. I asked Hunni if I could requisition a new body…this one seems to be falling apart.  He said no so I need to talk to my docs again this week.  Good thing I don’t mind needles and blood, or doctors for that matter.  I’m truly blessed with my health insurance or I’d be the expensive puppy.
  • Girls’ Nights Out. For an explanation please see Heather’s Tweet.  I’m going to hang out and play DD…not D&D. Smile
  • Explore the gym. Creature of habit strikes again.  I was so wrapped up in Zumba and running I forgot about the many other options for workouts.  This week I’ll be hitting the pool – which means shaving my legs, TMI Winking smile – and riding the bike.  If I don’t I’ll go stir crazy in bed with my foot up.
  • Change up the food. Food has become a scary place some days.  Itching, stomach aches, price.  So I’ve stuck with what I know which has zapped my food budget.  I need to change it up.
    • A) I need to track so I know not only what I’m eating but how much and how I feel after.
    • B) Eat more freggies…or fruits and veggies.  These make great snacks yet I’ve been chowing down on Adzuki Bean chips and Green Tea Rice cakes.  The produce section and I will become friends again.
    • C) Stop Eating Out!  I know that food from the co-op doesn’t make me sick and I’ve been super busy, leading to eating out.  I need to rediscover my kitchen.
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  1. 14/03/2011 8:33 PM

    Ahh, good luck with your goals. I would increase with my water intake, but I am still having flashbacks of the time I peed in my pants 3 weeks ago.
    And why is eating out soo much fun????

    • 14/03/2011 8:36 PM

      Sana…I’m lucky enough to work 2 steps from my bathroom 🙂

      Eating out is so much fun because they make food I don’t, it’s instant (or appears that way) and no clean up…the last one is Hunni’s favorite.

  2. 14/03/2011 9:59 PM

    i know spring is here when i WANT to go run outside! in the winter, i have no desire to run outside and i gladly hit up the treadmill. when i crave outside runs, i know spring is coming! 🙂

  3. 15/03/2011 7:03 PM

    I just noticed that we have fully grown/blooming daffodils in the yard. They must have been teased out by our few warm days, because its still pretty chilly.

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