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French Toast Latte


My last coffee with milk was a French Toast Latte.  Yes it was as good as it sounds.  Take the flavors of my favorite breakfast food…


with a little wake me up juice and my morning is golden.  Now the dilemma was to recreate this goodness at home.

I have perfected this goodness and pair it with oatmeal to wake up.  Good Morning!!!!


First the coffee.  I’ve only recently become a coffee connoisseur.  Apparently instant doesn’t qualify as good coffee, who knew?  My friend Lydia sent me Kona coffee from real Kona, Hawaii.


Mountain Thunder coffee is so fantastic it was featured on an episode of Dirty Jobs with my main squeeze Mike Rowe.  Don’t worry Hunni doesn’t mind because they have the same sense of humor.

If you don’t have an inside connection to Kona Coffee pick your favorite brand.  Whole beans are necessary so if you are me you need a new coffee grinder too. Smile

Step One: Add beans to grinder for the number of cups needed…to wake up.  Break off a piece of cinnamon stick and grind away.IMG_8010

Step Two: Brew and inhale the deliciousness as you watch.IMG_8078

Step Three: Meanwhile microwave 1/2 cup milk of choice and a splash of creamer at 10 second intervals for total of 3o seconds.IMG_8016 I use Vanilla Hemp Milk and Original Coconut Creamer. If you don’t use vanilla flavor add a splash of vanilla.

Step Four: Using frother – or whisk/blender/fork – create frothIMG_8034…what else is a frother is for?  Add enough maple syrup to sweeten – about 1 tsp. SmileIMG_8089What is your favorite cup of Joe? IMG_8098

Now go enjoy your breakfast. Smile

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  1. 12/03/2011 12:17 PM

    wow wow! this looks so good! i can definitely see myself making this for a treat on weekend mornings! 🙂 now i just need a cute little frother! 😉 (don’t tell brad that a fork or whisk does the same thing, mmkay?)


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