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I know my schedule and skills, yet I constantly set sky-high goals and fall flat on my face.


That was NOT going to happen in 2011. I set moderate goals to achieve and soar beyond.  On December 31, 2011 I’ll be like Buzz Light Year…


To infinity and beyond! (source)

My goals aren’t dumbed down but they aren’t anxiety inducing either.  My weekly, long-term and life goals are enough without adding a yearly list…no matter my love for lists.

one things

My new favorite. (source)

I must say I’ve been rocking my A-Z book list.  I’m not the only one…some of my my favorite bloggers across the blog world are curling up with a good book or e-book and getting their read on. Winking smile

My goal was 12 books this year…one a month.  Seemed reasonable, considering I hadn’t read for fun in months.  Then I remembered, I love reading. Red heart I cheated by relaxing with 2 books on my bit of “down time” during Christmas.

Two months in I’ve read seven and a half of 26.  The half is important because I don’t like one book yet I’m pushing through…it’s rough.

In addition to those I’m read cookbooks, my Chronological Bible, devotionals and books on my health and books not on the list.

Okay, I cannot tell a lie.  I haven’t read all of them.  I listen to a books commuting to Albany and Boston making full use of my library card.  Audio books are a mind saver with no radio stations or too much Ke$ha – or should I say Kee-dollar sign-ha – to numb my brain.

CD Book

I’ve traded repeats of Jersey Shore, lunch time cop shows, and morning coffee talk for special time with my nook.  Leo and I are in love.  I’ll explain why in a future post.  IMG_7130

Hunni also loves my nook…or more like he enjoys the ability to watch his shows I hate.  Win-win!  At the rate I’m reading I’ll need a new list soon.

So help a girl out…What’s on your night stand, nook or kindle?

What book kept you up at night to finish one more page?

Which books to you pre-order?

What genre do you love?

Follow me on Good Reads for my reviews and ever-expanding wish list.  I might stalk your lists for new ideas too. Smile Recommendations help me pick up a book I’d otherwise skip over.

If you’re looking for your next book try these sites for recommendations based on your last read.

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  1. 02/03/2011 10:33 AM

    Haha, I read my Kindle while my husband watches the shows I hate as well … it works out nicely ; )

  2. 02/03/2011 11:58 AM

    haaa… I LOVE that “one thing” list!!

    I don’t have a reader… I love books too much… the only upside to a reader would be space – I read constantly and have SO many books..

    • 02/03/2011 7:44 PM

      The space thing was big reason I got one. I love books too but travel so much it’s a pain to bring a book. This way I can have multiple books with me at once.

  3. ann rennie permalink
    02/03/2011 2:33 PM

    Hi have you read The help it is by kathryn sockett at least I believe that is the way you spell her name, it has been on the best seller list for over a year. I read or should say listen to books all the time. I like a whole lot of different types of books mysteries, romance, suspense, some deep some lite and fluffy I love books and the library is such a wonderful way to get books on cd. Blessings Ann

    • 02/03/2011 7:43 PM

      I LOVED The Help! I listened to it on CD which made it even more fun to hear the different character voices. I’m looking forward to the movie.

  4. 03/03/2011 3:10 PM

    I told myself I was going to read 26 books this year (that’s 2 books a month). I am doing well and I already feel smarter.

    I am not all the way through it but I am loving it so far is Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It’s about a woman who has early onset Alzheimer’s disease. It’s written from her point of view. It’s really really good so far.

    I also recently read Cleopatra’s Daughter which is about what happened to the children of Cleopatra after she died. I hate history novels and this one was really entertaining to read.


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