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Guest Post – More Than Numbers


hi there, it all changes readers! i’m sarah from sarah learns. i’m a 25-year old graduate student living in madison, wi. i blog about food, workouts, organization, nutrition, school, and so much more! i’m so excited to be writing this guest post for cynthia.


a couple weeks ago, heather tweeted a link to a post from marta and cynthia posted on a topic that both really hit home with me. marta posted about her thoughts following a blogging conference. she included some really great points about comparisons to other bloggers and letting that influence how you view yourself and your blog. then, cynthia’s post the next day about allowing yourself to “just be” and stop making comparisons to others or even yourself at a different time made me immediately think about my blog.

you see, since i started my blog (dec. 31, 2010 – not long ago), i had been obsessed with checking my page views and the number of comments i got each day. the blog is very new and i’m still working out the kinks, so understandably, that number is not very high. anytime i got more views or comments one day than the day before, i would excitedly tell my fiancé how many i had. but on those days when my number was much lower than it had been previously, it actually made me feel bad about myself. “why didn’t i have more views? did people not think my title was good enough to click over? did they not like my blog from another time they had seen it? why weren’t the people from my big number days not coming back? they must not like what i have to say…”



these thoughts just started swirling and swirling until i was sucked into them for a while. i would check my numbers several times a day and whether they were up or down definitely impacted my mood.

finally, after reading those two blog posts, something clicked with me. i asked myself a couple of questions: why did i start my blog? it was because i really loved the healthy living blogging community that i had been lurking involved in as a reader for a while, but i really wanted to contribute more substantially and i thought i had a lot to say. plus i thought it would be fun!

what about blogging is important to me? i want to post well-written, interesting content. it most certainly doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or hilarious or perfect, but i want to put my best effort into it and present my own view on the topics i address. i don’t want to be a clone of any other blog – i want to make my own place in the blogging community. also, making connections with readers has quickly become a priority. i immediately found several bloggers that i really identified with and i already consider them friends.

what do i want to get out blogging? i want to make friendships and take advantage of the great healthy living blog community. i want to improve my writing, cooking, and photography skills (or lack thereof!).

and finally: what isn’t important to me? among other things like fancy workout gear, kitchen appliances, or a camera, page views certainly aren’t important to my blogging experience. that number does not reflect what I put into my blog OR what i get out of it. do i think it would be awesome to get to know more bloggers through my blog? yeah, of course! but does it mean my blog is worth any less to me if that doesn’t happen very quickly? not at all.

what I took away from this revelation is that (for me) blog stats really aren’t important. i know they are essential for some bloggers who get income from their blog and are actively trying to grow, but that’s not me. i learned that it’s so much more important to continue doing my best at writing and discussing interesting topics. if i do that, and contribute thoughtful and helpful comments that add to discussion on other blogs, i will get so much more out of this experience than if i spend all of my time worrying about numbers.

anyone else have a hard time moving past their numbers?

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  1. 25/02/2011 8:56 AM

    Great post, Sarah!

    I definitely went through this when I first starting blogging (about a year ago). Then I had to take a couple months off, and when I came back, I realized… wow, I ENJOY blogging, and I missed it when other things got in the way. Which, has NOTHING to do with stats! 🙂 It’s just fun and fulfilling, it doesn’t need to be another thing in my life that I’m trying to make perfect.

  2. 25/02/2011 9:18 PM

    Such an important post! Thank you for reminding me why I blog, Sarah.

  3. 26/02/2011 3:20 PM

    I am a day late to the comments, but this article was posted the day after I had checked my blog stats shortly after midnight (without realizing what time it was) and I was taken aback when I only had 1 view for the day! It is definitely my passion for writing and sharing that drives my blogging. I hope my blog reaches fellow fit-minded followers but I will keep writing even if 1 view is my real count for a day!


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