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Just A Simple Nickel + Goals


I hate change…but you knew that.  Today I’m not talking life changes, I’m talking about change, coinage, the jingly stuff in you pockets hardly anyone uses.  coinsOur UP jar was the perfect way to lighten the load in my pockets and heavy purse. Shhh…don’t let Hunni know I like the jar now.  It was his idea.

My intense hatred for change comes from looks while trying to pay with exact change, their sheer weight and having to count bucket after bucket during kettles.  I never think about their value except when rolling coins.

nickelDid you know it takes 40 nickels to make one $2 roll? Too much darn work for two bucks.


My lovely Weight Watchers leader Ann made me rethink the nickel for a second.


When members lose 5% of their starting weight she delights us with this poem that’s permanently stuck in my brain.


I’m just a simple nickel

Not rally worth too much.

But what I represent

Is something you can’t touch.

You’re making better choices

And started on your way

To a Lifetime of success

That’s closer everyday.

We Knew You Could Do It!

Losing 10% of your body weight health benefits are abundant (source):

  • A Healthier Heart
    You can lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure.  High cholesterol and elevated blood pressure are two major risk factors for heart disease.
  • Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
    If you’re overweight, you’re at increased risk for type 2 diabetes. By losing 10 percent of your body weight, you’ll improve your body’s ability to use the insulin it makes, possibly preventing the onset of the disease. If you have type 2 diabetes, shedding that 10 percent may improve your symptoms and possibly prevent complications.
  • More Pep
    “Just a 10 percent weight loss increases feelings of vigor and vitality,you’ll feel better and have more energy.”
  • A Mental Edge
    Losing 10 percent can boost self-confidence and motivation to keep going. Success builds on success. says
  • Reality Check
    After losing 10 percent, you gain a sense of what it will take to lose the rest and reach your final goal weight.  ‘Am I willing to put in that much more effort to lose even more weight?’

The total weight we need to lose to reach our happy place can be daunting.  Sometimes the 10% alone can be daunting.  By celebrating the smaller goals such as 5%, a habit change or making one good decision and then making another it increases the chances you will carry on.

My little nickel is a reminder that I have lost the 5% before and can return to my happy weight now that my health is back on track.  Don’t look down on the nickel or each little accomplishment.

    Last Week’s Goals:

  • Cook at home all week. Bring on the kitchen…most days. I admit there was a bit of eating out. However much less than normal. Work business pops up whenever it desires but this challenged prompted quick grocery store dinners instead of restaurants.  I’m very proud  I cooked dinner every night this weekend, while having a fabulous house guest and busy schedule.
  • Prepare for a fun weekend. Heck yeah, blogger sleepovers are awesome! I might have convinced Heather to move in…or at least visit my way more often.  I think the co-op did her in. Open-mouthed smile The weather conspired against skiing but we ran our hineys off in prep for spring races and then stretched like yoga rubber bands. If I can’t move this week blame her.
  • Organization station. The tree is gone and I miss it. Sad smile I promise to show you what took it’s place once I’m finished the set up.  Also Heather’s room was straightened and I spent Thursday making confetti shredding many, many things that should have been recycled long ago.  Now I need a craft to do with all my shreds…they are multicolored. My list is still going for the week to come, but I’m proud of the accomplishments considering the length of the list.
  • Move my butt. Heather killed me this weekend…in a good way.  If it makes you feel better she says the feeling is mutual. Winking smile Having a gym buddy made working out so much more fun. We’re sore as heck but smiling all the way.  Being a fish will have to wait until later.
  • Ingredient inspector. Did you see me practicing my skills last Friday at New World Bistro Bar? The meal was fantastic and encouraged me to pay attention to ingredients in everything.  Takes a bit longer to read the ingredient list on most of my foods but I learned a trick…whole foods like beans and veggies don’t have ingredients lists.  Saves me time and gluten-free!

This Week’s Goals:

  • Run, baby, run. Oops I did it again.  I registered for another 10K.  This time I’m prepared.  I have a plan and plenty of time to train.  Bonus this is an actual 10K – 6.2 miles – and not a Quarter Marathon – 6.55 miles – like last April.  It will be easy peasy.
  • Make pantry list. To simplify grocery lists and shopping I keep a spreadsheet of everything in my pantry.  The lack of meal-making this last month or two means I have NO IDEA what’s in the pantry/freezer/fridge.  I peeked to make meal plans for this week but need to dig around and reinstate the pantry spreadsheet for ease of cooking and shopping.
  • Stretch and bend. Oh Heather you killed me…yet it was a wonderful reminder that I need more yoga in my life.  Pigeon pose and bound angle are perfect for TV watching…at least I think so.
  • Track it all. It’s amazing the food’s I don’t eat if I don’t write them down.  A muffin here or a some extra grape leaves there.  I manage stress and life better through lists so tracking food is natural.  I’m ready to get back to my happy place after the weight I gained with my recent health issues.  For me tracking food and exercise are key to balance and health.
  • Read and relax. Thank you Mr. Presidents for my day off.  I will enjoy a day to relax, read, nap and enjoy.  Oh there might also be some fun with games later this week and a field trip for a date this weekend too.  I need some stress relief and this will be perfect.
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  1. 21/02/2011 11:52 AM

    oh enjoy your day off! i’m at work today (and working very hard – obviously, haha!). i love that you set weekly goals. i’m trying to do that, but it’s hard to get into the habit!

    • 21/02/2011 11:55 AM

      I will definitely enjoy the day off because it is one of few true days off. Weekly goals are my way to make sure the little things don’t get stuck on the bottom of the list…hence never getting done.

      Start setting one goal for the week and add on.

  2. 21/02/2011 12:45 PM

    I love the nickel analogy! ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’, soon the pennies (read – pounds/kilos!) will start to add up! Good job on signing up for a 10k, too.

  3. 21/02/2011 5:08 PM

    Congratulations on signing up for another 10k! I have one coming up next month 🙂

    • 21/02/2011 5:26 PM

      Thanks. Good luck on your race too. I love the 10K distance and this was the push I needed to get back to running.

  4. 22/02/2011 11:32 AM

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I love the nickles here and there. I’m in ww (again) and trying to wrap my head mentally around some things.
    10k!!! wow!!!!!
    Bfriend and I actually went groc shopping with a list last night and I’m so excited about trying new recipes and having a plan. ALSO we spent on a week of dinners what we would normally spend on a night out. that I can live with. SO excited


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