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Picture of the Week – Sunday Set-ups


Not dates…I have a Hunni. Besides our dates are usually on Fridays.


Sunday afternoon tends to be only “real” free time.  The work week is finally over after church services and I’m can relax until the work week begins again, oh on Monday morning. Smile My schedule is a bit out of the ordinary…but I signed up for it so I don’t mind.

To prepare of the week ahead I have my lists.

  • Prep meds IMG_7393
  • Plan workouts
  • Plan menus/ grocery shop IMG_4430
  • Set Coffee Pot
  • Talk to Momma
  • Watch Comedy Central and unplug IMG_7629

Breathe and then I’m ready, I think. IMG_7635

Do I look ready? Ready or not…Monday’s Coming.

How do you prep for Monday?

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  1. 20/02/2011 2:04 PM

    that’s a GREAT photo of you two!! 🙂

    I go through my to do lists from the week before, and start a new one, adding things that are works in progress.

    Have a great week!!

    • 20/02/2011 3:39 PM

      I love the idea of using last week’s to-do lists. I often forget them until I go to work and then realize I still have things I forgot to do 🙂

  2. 20/02/2011 3:22 PM

    I set out as much as I can the night before- usually a lunch, clothes / workout clothes, and get my backpack together for school.

    • 20/02/2011 3:40 PM

      I need to set out things like work out clothes and ingredients for dinner. I often put those off if I “don’t have time” which really means I failed to plan 🙂

  3. 20/02/2011 8:18 PM

    Ya’ll are so cute! precious. I love the grocery shoppin tablet thing– where did you get it?!

    • 21/02/2011 11:37 AM

      Thanks! The grocery list thing is from Real Simple. I bought it at Target. I also have one from Anthropologie and one from my local stationary store.

  4. 20/02/2011 11:38 PM

    Did you get Sunday Set up from Kathy Kaehler? She talked to us about it at an event recently.

    • 21/02/2011 2:32 PM

      No it’s something I’ve done since High School because my schedule was all over the place and my meds had to be exact.

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