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Seasons Change and So Do I


In the past shorter days and colder weather turned me into a bear…

hibernating bear

Covered and fur and hibernating…think I’m kidding?  That’s why God created pants and snuggies. Open-mouthed smile

I could eat everything in sight and burrow under my blankets to avoid the cold weather.  Holidays with my family were perfect for this.  Tons of food and football on TV.

I had no concept of seasons besides the dang cold in winter and waiting for Phil to tell me there were only 6 more weeks until Spring.


Then the health bug bit and bit hard.  I joined the gym and ate my veggies.  Even at my goal weight I still didn’t understand how seasons fit into my fitness. It was a learning process.IMG_4511

Seasons are more than just a change in the weather…I needed to use them to my health advantage.  Hiding in my warm house during cold weather wasn’t an option if I wanted to avoid further back surgery.  Summer outdoor running definitely wouldn’t work in the icy snowy winters so I had to learn to love tolerate the treadmill and DVD’s.  Indoor fitness would keep my nose attached to my face.gym today 005

It was perfect because the winter blues weren’t as bad when I kept moving instead of hibernating.

Food seasons were alien to me.  Strawberries and tomatoes grow in winter somewhere, right? The grocery store said so…but my stomach didn’t agree.  As my IBS symptoms worsened I was determined to find my triggers.  One sneaky bugger was hidden in those winter strawberries…pesticides.  In order to receive the juicy berries in my supermarket in January they were sprayed within an inch of their life…and mine.  As I learned to eat seasonally and locally I was able to enjoy foods without pesticides – particularly the dirty dozen.

IMG_3835In summertime I enjoy the bounty of the farmer’s markets, pick-your-own and the local farms.  Extra goodies are canned for those cold winter mornings with a big bowl of oats and strawberry syrup or apple butter.  I can tweak them to my taste with an extra handful of cilantro in the salsa or not too sweet jams.  I sweat my butt off in the summer but I eat like a Queen all winter, pesticide and stomach pain free.


Seasons are no longer spring, summer, fall and winter.  They are opportunities to switch it up and try new things.

How do the seasons change how you live?

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  1. 19/02/2011 11:59 AM

    So, this is going to sound odd, but what affects my mood/health/approach to life the most are the cycles in my job and coaching work. Both are on cycles – my job because of industry needs, my coaching work because of meets. Both get really intense in January, February, and March, and I have a hard time making sure I exercise as much as I do otherwise, and really don’t do well eating a good variety of foods (hello frozen chicken and frozen broccoli with jarred salsa rut).

    When both are calm in, uh, August, I stretch. It’s the only time of year I make myself do it.

    • 19/02/2011 10:06 PM

      I understand completely the ruts and cycles of work. Christmas is a cycle of take out and no gym. Recognizing it is a help.


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