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New Shoes Rules


There comes a point for everyone when you know when it’s time for new shoes.  For some of us it comes before others.


Good golly no…those aren’t my shoes.  Those are Hunni’s.  He took a break from running last summer after I injured my calf, yet kept wearing his running shoes for fun.  I noticed how messed up they were at the train station as we headed into Boston.  Shoe shopping was added to the list of vacation things…and not cute new shoes for me. Sad smile

Lest you think these are the worst shoes I’ve seen…oh no.  Momma has been wearing a pair of my old gym shoes from middle school (read: the 90’s) as her “play” shoes for weeding in the garden and such.  She finally decided she needed new ones when she could see her socks and feel the puddles.

I’ve learned not to wait that long between buying shoes…back and hip problems have their advantages. Winking smile

Here are my quick and easy shoe shopping rules:

  1. Know your size. You’d be surprised to know that your running/workout shoes may not be the same size as your everyday shoes; I know I was.  For a sport as specific as running, I recommend getting fitted at least once professionally and if anything major changes (i.e. you lose weight, have an injury, etc.).  Hunni and I both did this and found out that our running shoes are actually a half-size bigger than our regular shoes. For other workout shoes ask at the sporting goods store and try a few our before making the purchase.
  2. Know what workouts you’ll be doing. Do not…I repeat DO NOT make my mistake and start running in regular cross-trainers.  They aren’t built for that.                                                                                                                 I wouldn’t send Peanut… IMG_3435 to do the job of a Saint Bernard;Saint-BernardSo why would you wear basketball shoes to run. Not a good idea…at all!
  3. Find a brand you like. gym 012 All brands are not created equal in the mind of your foot.  The Runner’s World shoe special may help but again I recommend talking to a professional.  I had no idea from the difference between stability, motion controlled and neutral cushioning shoes were until the kind person at Fleet Feet explained.
  4. Try them out. gym 010Cute shoes do not always equal the best shoes for your feet.  Sorry ladies.  All those years I chose purple shoes because I thought they looked cute did nothing to help me.  My first pair of real running shoes were THE.UGLIEST.THINGS…but they go the job done.  Pick a cute outfit to off set the ugly shoes.  Fun tips like lace locking and making the toe box loose are helpful to find the best fit.
  5. Now that you now the shoes that work for you…STOCK UP! gym 011A great deal is the perfect time to buy a few pair, if it’s in your budget and you know you’ll use them.  The average running shoe should have no more than 500 miles on it to work most effectively.  With multiple pairs of the brand that works for you they won’t go to waste and you never know what the next shoe updates will bring.

My favorite shoe, the Asics Foundation was updated after I’d been wearing the same model for 4 years.  Not the same pair, but the same model.  With the update I now need a wide width for my big foot.  Lesson leaned and shoes returned.

At least I have a store credit to use.  Perhaps a new running jacket? Open-mouthed smile

**Bonus tip found at Run, Eat, Repeat:  Use your running shoes for running only and old pairs for other things.  They are an investment.**

[Note from Cynthia: Same for other gym shoes…don’t wear them out by wearing them out.] Smile

How do you select workout shoes?

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  1. 15/02/2011 6:28 PM

    i am definitely in need of new running shoes. i have broken pretty much all of those rules (and currently am). my “gym shoes” are not specifically running shoes, i chose them because they were cute, and have had them for 5 years. bad bad bad bad bad. maybe next pay period i’ll get some new ones…!

    • 16/02/2011 1:38 PM

      It took me a long time to get past the cute shoes stage…but once I tried on my ugly running shoes my life was changed. I now have running shoes and gym shoes so I get my money’s worth on the expensive running shoes.

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