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Love Yourself + Goals


My awesome new blend Colleen decided that in honor of Valentine’s Day she needed to show some love to herself and respect.  It was a powerful list to remind me that while I was busying planning a day perfect for Hunni I needed love myself too.

I saw a picture of myself recently and didn’t like who was looking back at me and started hating on myself.  Instead I needed this reminder to love me as me and not the me I want to be later.

For Valentine’s Day I love:

  • My persistence and that I keep pushing forward.  It feels like I’ve been slipping backward but I’m actually moving forward one step at a time.
  • My legs that have always been my favorite part of my body but remind me over and over that I’m strong and powerful.
  • My mind that helps me see the positives in all the stuff that is going on more often than the negatives.

What do you love about yourself today?


Last Week’s Goals:

  • Valentine’s Day Surprise. Valentine’s Day has never been a big night in the It All Changes household.  We don’t go out to dinner or exchange gifts in traditional sense…with the exception of random little things like puppies in mugs. Smile But this year I wanted to make a day for Hunni…so we are watching Star Wars cuddled on the couch…He’s shocked I’ve never seen it and it is one of his favorite (both cuddling and the movie).  Happy Valentine’s Day, Hunni.
  • Blogger Meet-up. New World Bistro and the Capital District Bloggers are amazing.  Enough said.  Okay maybe not, but I’ll talk more about this later…I promise.
  • Find a Yoga Class. Ooops. Bad Idea to plan a ton to do the week you have no time. I did yoga but have no idea where I’m doing it next month except using up a Groupon I bought last year before setting this challenge.
  • Organize my drawers. Perfect thing to do when the Grammy’s are on and you don’t care about the presenter, category, etc.  Now I have so much space…perhaps there is some shopping on the schedule for next weekend?
  • Pick a vacation. See note on yoga class.  The debate still rages in the It All Changes house.  I’m still leaning toward the Caribbean to practice my Spanish but Hunni is thinking Alaska…doesn’t he know there’s a ton of snow up there? So Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico or Caribbean? Help me convince him.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Cook at home all week. I sucked lately with eating at home.  I made many many many many (add about 1000000000 more many’s to that list) as to why I couldn’t cook.  I’m sick, I’m busy, I have to eat gluten…No excuses any more.  I have a menu list and FOOD!  Besides now I have fun new recipes I want to try and share with you.  Bring on the kitchen.
  • Prepare for a fun weekend. Blogger sleepovers are awesome!  Yep the lovely Heather is coming so we can cross-country ski. I hope the weather cooperates.  Of course there will be other fun involved but I’m excited to drag her to my neck of the woods. Smile
  • Organization station. I admit my brain has been other places lately and my apartment, desk, life show it.  My list of things to get on track is long but I’ll take one step at a time and enjoy the OCD quality of organizing…I started by taking down the Christmas tree on Sunday…finally. Open-mouthed smile
  • Move my butt. My workouts are scheduled and I’m excited to shake my groove thing, be a fish and just be.
  • Ingredient inspector. Now that I have the Gluten Free go ahead I need to read ingredients list better.  I still need practice because I forgot that Tamari was gluten-free but was still SOY!  Ooops.. Double Benadryl and itchies for days.  Hunni and I are practicing together…he accidentally bought a vegan brownie that was made with tofu and almond…must give him props that it was gluten-free. Winking smile

I don’t want to overwhelm myself this week so fun and simple it is.

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  1. 14/02/2011 8:57 AM

    Such a positive message here! I love to hear when others are focusing on loving who they are, which can be the biggest challenge of all!

    • 14/02/2011 9:50 AM

      Thanks. It was Colleen who reminded me to not look at the things that aren’t going right and be proud.

      It is indeed the hardest part. Much more than the food or exercise.

  2. 14/02/2011 6:54 PM

    The love letter idea was my idea too 🙂 But great post! So many great things to love about yourself!

  3. 15/02/2011 12:31 AM

    I think Valentine’s Day should definitely be about self love! I love the things you mentioned about yourself 🙂

    • 15/02/2011 11:42 AM

      Everyday should be about self love…sometimes we just need a reminder like a day on the calendar 🙂

  4. 15/02/2011 8:35 AM

    Got her from MizFit. I wrote about loving yourself too yesterday! Great message!

    I need to do some organization! I clutter too much!

  5. arun permalink
    17/03/2011 2:59 AM

    I like this…..

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