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French Memories


I’m a city girl who happens to live in the country.  I love when I have meetings that take me to cities like NYC or Boston.  Often when traveling to Boston we stay outside the city and take the T.  Much more economical when you drive our big beast – the gas and parking are what make it a real beast.

On the walk to the station during one of our trips we passed a bakery I couldn’t ignore.


You’d like to remind me of France…but of course.  Patisseries and of course the goodies that lured me in while traveling on study abroad.  This was my chance to show Hunni what fine baked goods were.  Of course it meant I could grab a wonderful cup of coffee too…or should I save Café. Smile

The selection allowed me to show off all my fine baking knowledge…

most learned from TOP CHEF: Just Desserts. Winking smile


I tortured myself looking at fantastic things such as almond cakes and petit fours all for my love and the French Memories.


We took our treat –and coffee- to go as we headed to the T and our Boston adventure…but it was fun to revisit the idea of France even just as a memory. Open-mouthed smile


What foods hold special memories for you? Why?

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  1. 11/02/2011 10:04 AM

    The scent of tomatoes and basil always remind me of my grandmother. I used to sleep at her house all the time when I was little and her fridge ALWAYS smelled like basil + tomatoes, lol. 🙂

    • 11/02/2011 11:29 AM

      Aww that’s great that her house always smelled so fresh. Mint reminds me of my grandma because she had it growing out in her back yard.

  2. 11/02/2011 7:04 PM

    I have really fond memories of mini pancakes with jam. It reminds me of the house I lived in as a kid 🙂

  3. 11/02/2011 9:36 PM

    I always think of France too when I see little bakery shops like that.

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