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Guest Post–Jen’s Green Challenge


**I’m busy with meetings this week so I’ve asked some wonderful bloggers to fill in for some of the days.  Enjoy their fabulous perspectives and then go check out their blogs!**


Hi there! My name is Jen and I blog over at Jen Is Green. Thanks, Cynthia for asking me to write a guest post! My blog mainly focuses on healthy living while striving to maintain an 80 pound weight loss [side note: Fantastic Job Jen!] , I also like to blog about the healthy ways we can help our planet!


I currently have a challenge going on at my blog called “Jen’s Green Challenge”. The concept is pretty simple, actually. Every month I’m going to post a green challenge that I’m going to have to stick to for one entire year, in order to influence other people to do the same. The challenge must be something I have to sacrifice in order to live more sustainably, in hope that one small change will influence others to do the same. One person won’t have much of an impact on our planet, but lots of small changes will hopefully produce change in the end!
Photo 2 - greenchallenge
Jen’s Challenge for the month of January – For one year I will Eat a Vegan Meal Once a Week. I will cook a healthy meal free of any animal products in order to reduce the impact that meat and dairy consumption has on the environment. Animals raised for meat have a direct impact on our environment. (Check out my link above for some interesting facts!)

In addition to this challenge, I’ve also been taking numerous small steps to reduce my impact on the planet.

Other things we can do to stay “green”:

  • Purchase food in bulk with reusable containers to reduce on packaging and ultimately reduce waste
  • Bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store rather than using plastic bags
  • Drink from a reusable coffee mug when buying coffee (or reusable tea mug, in my case!) to cut back on waste
  • Compost food scraps at home
  • Recycle plastic, glass, and paper instead of throwing them in the trash
  • Always use a reusable water bottle instead purchasing bottled water
  • Buy local produce, meat, and dairy products when possible and when in season

There are tons and tons of things we can do to live more sustainably, but these are just a few basic steps we can take in order to live more “green” lives!

Help me by taking part in my Green Challenge!

[Cynthia’s Note: Jen’s Challenge is fantastic and really makes me think.  Chose the things that will help challenge yourself and make the world a better place.]

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  1. 01/02/2011 5:49 PM

    these are some great tips! i’m excited to see that i already do a lot of these things! 🙂

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