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Don’t Judge, Just Be


On the treadmill, in fitness classes, the pool, on the yoga mat, anywhere I’m looking and comparing myself to the others.

Am I as fast as her; I should be shaking my hips more; why can’t I bend like him.  Always asking myself…

do you measure up

Compare, Compare, Compare.

Yesterday I was in the racquet ball courts doing a yoga download podcast – weird, I know – but the space was quiet and dark and peaceful.  I could only hear my breath and the instructor as she guided me through the Sun Salutations and Downward Dogs.


As I followed blindly through the a sequence I’d done many times before, her words in a very basic pose struck me…

Don’t judge yourself here for how deep you are getting.  Instead just feel how open you are becoming. Just relax, Just be.

How did she know just seconds before I was thinking “I used to be able to touch the floor with my palms and now I can barely touch my toes.” The simple statement to JUST BE reminded me fitness isn’t a competition – against myself or others.  That’s a contest I’ll never win. I do it all because I love it.

Comparing myself to anyone is what gets me hurt.  I may not run a 10 minute mile or bench 75 pounds or even touch my heels in downward dog.  Yet I’m me and I’m doing it.  That simple reminder helped me enjoy my fitness the remainder of the day and helps me to look forward to what is to come…I will just be.

How can you remind yourself to “Just Be” today.?

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  1. 29/01/2011 9:33 AM

    Ahh, this is the hardest! Comparison is a huge theme in my life… not in a good way 🙂 I do love doing videos or podcasts for that reason — there is no one to compare myself to, and I can really just focus on getting stronger and being at peace with where I’m at. Spending time with just myself is one way I really can just “be.” I’m an introvert, so that’s my way to reconnect with myself and feel more grounded in who I am and where I’m at.

  2. 29/01/2011 4:21 PM

    i just read a blog post that heather linked to on twitter that reminds me of this idea. the author talked about how we should stop comparing ourselves to other bloggers in comments, pageviews, subscribers, etc. if you’re blogging because you love it, then blog because you love it. don’t get worked up if one day you get way less page views than the previous day. even though i’m super new at blogging, i would peek at my stats page multiple times during the day. why?!? it doesn’t change what i write, how i write, or the pleasure i get from writing! thanks for reminding me to “just be” in my blogging. 🙂

  3. 29/01/2011 5:52 PM

    MMMMMmmmm such a great post

    I am constantly comparing myself to the other students at school since I started this month. I’ve broken it down that in every possible way every other student has an advantage over me . . .

    – they’re younger
    – they’re smarter
    – they’re used to this because they just got out of high school
    – the don’t have a spouse and a home to take care of
    etc. etc. etc.

    Why on earth am I being so hard on myself 😦

    • 29/01/2011 5:56 PM

      Awww Morgan ((((Hugs)))). You are doing fabulous for making the changes you need. I feel your pain. Those are the things holding me back from going back to school. You have a leg up on me and be proud of yourself for making that choice for you and for your future!

  4. 29/01/2011 8:37 PM

    I may or may not be my own personal cheerleader. I once gave myself a fist pump post baller workout! LOL

    • 29/01/2011 8:40 PM

      Can you teach me this? I always think I should have done more. I need more fist pump feeling.

  5. 29/01/2011 8:57 PM

    I’m not going to lie- I used to look at the treadmill of the person next to me and feel horrible if I wasn’t running as fast as them. I don’t even care anymore- sometimes I’m faster, sometimes I’m slower, but at least I’m running 🙂

    • 29/01/2011 8:59 PM

      I’m always slower and I forget that I should be happy that I am running at all. The comparison is hard because of how fast I used to run prior to surgery.

  6. 30/01/2011 4:16 AM

    aahhh…. what a wonderfully refreshing post!



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