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Shake Your Groove Thang


I’ve always wanted to dance but Lord knows these hips don’t lie…I don’t have a stitch of rhythm.

I played in the band for a reason.  I can memorize music and march to the beat…but dancing…oh no!

I’ve tried the High School flag squad which was kind of dancing – nah not really.  I’ve watched Dancing with the Stars, and even added “take dancing lessons with Hunni” as #6 . I want to to dance.

When the local Y started to advertise ZUMBA classes I was overjoyed.  Giddy…giggling Teehee as I walked to the desk to sign up.  My friends told me it’s great work out and you don’t have to know what you are doing – big bonus.  Plus it was free with my Y membership.  Sign me up!  Heck this will even knock of #13. Smile

Oh heck what did I get myself into.  Some how I forget my hips don’t move.  But then the instructor – HI Karen! – turned on the music and away we go.  A little Livin’ La Vida Loca, Mambo #5 and Jenny from the block.  Suddenly my hips started moving, a bit.

Surprise, surprise when all my step-ball-changes, chasses,  and counting for marching band/flag squad paid off.  I may not be the most graceful dancer but I’m having a blast.

I think my Cuban best friend needs to take a trip to Western Massachusetts and teach my hips a thing or too.  She is an amazing salsa dancer…even while cooking dinner. My hips don’t follow instructions well but when all else fails I just shake my grove thang.
What kind of dancing do you enjoy?

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  1. 25/01/2011 9:11 AM

    Ah that’s so fun!! I used to salsa a ton when I lived in Ecuador (and could find dance partners that knew what they were doing…) but I’ve never Zumba-ed. People say it’s super fun, though — and that’s so lucky that your gym has free classes with membership!

  2. Karen permalink
    25/01/2011 9:16 AM

    Just get out there & shake your groove thang! Your look awesome (keep smiling) See you tonight!

  3. 25/01/2011 10:12 AM

    I am a TERRIBLE dance. I have no rhythm. Recently I started dancing my girlfriend asked me to please stop as there were children around.

  4. 25/01/2011 1:21 PM

    I’m convinced I look completely ridiculous at Zumba, but it’s so much fun that I don’t even care (anymore)!

  5. 25/01/2011 5:46 PM

    I’ve never tried Zumba. I’m too self conscious!

  6. lauramich permalink
    14/03/2011 9:45 AM

    Former color guard marching band geeks, holla! I did flags all four years of high school and for the first two years of college. At least in high school, I oh-so-secretly wished that I had the guts to try out for the dance team instead, but marching band was where my chunky, clumsy self belonged (or so I thought). Still, I loved it.

    I’ve recently discovered Zumba as well. I like it but don’t truly love it. Actually, it seems to depend on the instructor! I’m something of a cardio junkie and need plenty of intensity, and some Zumba instructors don’t really get my heart pumping. But … well, my father died a couple of weeks ago, and there’s a Zumba studio less than 2 miles from his house, where I can drop in for $6/class. When we go on weekends (my hometown is ~100 miles from where I live now) to clean and settle his affairs, I like having the Zumba option available. It’s better than no workout at all and keeps me on as even a keel as I’m going to be on these days.

    • 14/03/2011 11:40 AM

      I loved band and color guard…I secretly wished there was a way to do both during marching band season but I did indoor guard.

      Sorry to hear about your dad but I’m glad that Zumba is an option when you go there.

      I do agree the instructor makes all the difference. My instructor also teaches turbo kick so she includes more cardio in with the dancing. My heart get pumping almost as good as my running…but not quite.


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