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Goals Glorious Goals


Normally I have a little something to say before I get into the goals for the week.  But honestly I often leave off some little goals that I really want to accomplish because I think I can handle them without putting them on the list.

You know what happens?  I forget them.

Duh…I’m a list oriented person and having a record of the little things is more helpful than trying to add them to all the random facts in my brain.  For example…I know that Tom Baker was the most popular Dr. Who prior to David Tennant – my favorite – but I can’t remember to work on wedding quilts for people who got married in 2009. IMG_5019


This week it is goals, all goals, and nothing but the goals.  “Can you handle the goals?” (sorry Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise)

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Keep Daily Goals. This was fantastic.  I was able to get the big things done and many little things because I wasn’t stressing about everything on the list.  Perhaps I should stop over-scheduling myself and just focus on the basics first.
  • Pre-plan menus. Prep was done and meals were fantastic.  We went on a date night spontaneously one day that was off the schedule.  But who doesn’t want their Hunni to come in and say “Let’s go out and spend time together since you’ve been so stressed.”  Perfect!
  • Yoga and stretching. Stretching yes…yoga no.  I was going to do some on our snow day but had much more fun in the kitchen.  The stretching felt fabulous for my jello hips. Smile
  • Get back in the Weight Watchers groove. Mid-week I freaked out because I wasn’t losing weight even with adding in more exercise and eating healthy. Then I remembered my body is all out of whack with the allergy situation.  So I kept it up and enjoyed feeling good about myself for doing what I need and not expecting only one result.
  • Curl up and read. I am going to blast through my goal of one book a month.  In 3 weeks I’ve finished 3 books on my A-Z list.  Relaxing with a book nook is a great way to end the day and spend almost anytime.
  • Organize. I cleaned our guest bedroom – the one where people actually sleep – and created some other fun in there.  Smile

This Week’s (Long List of) Goals:


  • Wake up earlier. Ten minutes to be exact.  My pattern is to wake up with 10 minutes to brush my teeth, throw on my uniform, pull back my hair and grab my breakfast to eat in my office.  My commute is only 10 steps so I don’t need much time.  I will wake up 10 minutes earlier this week to eat breakfast at home.  It’s a start.
  • Wear real clothes 3 days this week. I wear a uniform to work, then throw on workout clothes for the gym – even if I don’t go – and then into my bunny footie PJ’s.  I miss wearing the real clothes in my drawers with the exception of the a few meet ups.  I’m sure Hunni will appreciate it. Winking smile
  • Limit Computer Time. I love y’all and I love the computer but it seriously cramps my style when I spend too much time.  My Social Media Anxiety sometimes leads to 3+ hours on GReader, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook.  Not to mention my time spent posting.  Instead I’m setting time limits this week and enjoying life.
  • Memorize the Romans Road. I have so many passages of scripture memorized but not that many references.  I want to spend time internalizing scripture not just reading it…and part of that is knowing where passages are found.
  • Quilting. I love thee so much…how could I forget thee.  Oh yes…The internet trapped me.  Instead by limiting my computer time I’m hoping to spend at least 2 hours this week working on quilts.  Bit by bit I’ll get them done.  And perhaps I’ll realize how much I miss the fun of quilting and will actually finish the 4 quilts I still have in pieces.


  • Regular Exercise Schedule. Part of the problem is the computer time.  I skip out on workouts to spend time on the computer.  Instead I have my Google calendar set to get them in daily.  A bit a day is better than all or nothing.
  • Focus on what I can do and not what my body can’t. I’ve written many posts about this before but I need to take them to heart.  I am strong and capable and important…but I’m not Wonder Woman.  I’ll take the little victories because they will add up.
  • Gluten Free Fun. One more test and I’ll be officially gluten-free.  Until then I can practice my skillz.  Learning all the code names for Gluten and how to make my baked goods and modifying recipes.  I feel a bit like Alton Brown with all the geeking out I’m doing.
  • Switch it up. I’ve developed a few unhealthy habits recently with all the crazy things going on (re: Allergies, injuries, stress) that I need to switch up.  I miss the only me and I’m working to get her back.


  • Make a light box… Okay I confess after writing this goal I finished it on Sunday evening.  Here are some comparisons.


  • Practice with my camera. Now that I have a fancy – read cardboard – light box I need to figure out how to use it correctly and what the heck and ISO is for my little point and shoot.
  • Look at the 101 List. There are a few on that list I want to get working on because they’ll take some time and I realize 2012 will be here faster than I want.  I have one planned for Friday. Winking smile
  • Make a blogging schedule. I love schedules and have one for everything.  But for some reason I don’t have a schedule for blogging.  Blogging is a passion and I need the time for it while not letting it take over my life.  A fabulous friend gave me some good ideas which means me and Google Docs will be having some QT this week while I create my schedule.
  • Write a few posts ahead. I have a notebook full of ideas and add this goal to the list in my head.  Yet it never happens.  This week it will be a priority since I’ll be out-of-town a few times in February.  It will be nice not to have to worry.
  • Schedule some guest posts. I mentioned I’ll be out-of-town for a bit in February and it keeps coming.  I’d love to have a few guest post from wonderful readers and bloggers so I can enjoy those days sans computer.  Email me at if you’d like to guest post here on It All Changes.

Wish me luck…These goals are things I’m going to have fun with.

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  1. 24/01/2011 8:53 AM

    You are so right — I trick myself into thinking that “I’ll remember” so often. No, no I will not remember. I need to write down my goals or they will NOT happen. I love your lightbox idea! It’s so hard to take good pictures after dark… and during the week, it’s dark the whole time I’m home!

    • 24/01/2011 9:25 AM

      I always try to trick myself into believing I’ll remember.

      The light box isn’t my idea…I got the plans from (never)homemaker but it is fantastic.

  2. 24/01/2011 4:02 PM

    I’m developing a serious computer addiction, especially now that I’ve discovered Google reader! I think this could turn into a real problem 🙂

    • 24/01/2011 7:38 PM

      It can becoming a big problem. That’s why I’m purposely cutting back now before it gets completely out of control.

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