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Birthday “Cupcakes”–Giveaway


I’m 29 today…for real.  Not “29″.  I enjoy the idea of aging.  Perhaps it’s because people usually think I’m 18 or perhaps because I find wisdom in my last year as a 20 something that I definitely did not have in my first year.

At at 20 I enjoyed apple strudel but my stomach did not.  Back then I thought my “stomach problems” were because I was overweight.

Today at 29 I know that my stomach problems are due to allergies, intolerances, and illness.  I’ve come a long way in 9 years.

This year I was going to miss out on a traditional birthday treat until King Arthur Flours sent me some of their gluten-free products to try.


King Arthur Flour is a 220 year old employee owned flour company that added a gluten-free line of baking mixes to their traditional baking products.

Being new to gluten-free baking, I was eager to try their award winning mixes.  What better to start with than birthday cupcakes muffins.


The ingredients and instructions were simple.  I have a soy allergy so I appreciated the option to substitute oil in place of butter or margarine.


The community message boards available on King Arthur’s website was a great resource to determine how many egg whites to use in place of whole eggs.  2/3 cup in place of 3 eggs.


Then it was time for the hard decision.  What mix-in did I want? The box pictured cranberries, but these birthday muffins that required something special.  My favorite cupcakes are always vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.  The muffin batter is vanilla flavored making mini chocolate chips the perfect addition.


For a little extra sparkle I added some cinnamon (beet) sugar to half the muffins and set them to bake.


The smell while they baked was pure torture.  Oh me, oh my, can I wait? But these were worth the wait.

IMG_6482Birthday muffins are a wonderful breakfast and will be a great dessert.


Hunni couldn’t tell the difference…and neither could I. Smile Quick, easy and I’m a happy birthday girl.


Now to decide what is for dinner….Pizza perhaps?



One lucky It All Changes reader can win 2 King Arthur Flour mixes of their choice…gluten-free or their traditional varieties.  Open to US residents only…sorry to all my international readers.

To enter:

  • Tell me your favorite birthday dessert.

Extra entries:

  • Follow King Arthur Flour on Twitter or Facebook and leave me a comment letting me know.
  • Follow It All Changes on Facebook and leave me a comment letting me know.
  • Tweet: I’ve entered to win baking mixes by @KingArthurFlour from @Itallchanges.
  • Blog about this giveaway and comment with the link to your post.

That’s up to five ways to win…Consider it my birthday gift to you.  Open-mouthed smile

*Deadline for entries is 12 Midnight on Tuesday January 18, 2011.*

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  1. Meg permalink
    12/01/2011 8:43 AM

    Ohhh Cynthia those look so good!

    My favorite birthday dessert? Good old Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing! Yum! 4 more months and I can have some.

  2. 12/01/2011 8:46 AM

    Happy Birthday!

    I guess my favorite birthday dessert is CAKE. I don’t usually like cake (I’m a cookie monster) but birthdays call for cake. When I was a kid/teenager I always made myself chocolate cake with instant chocolate pudding and a whole bag of chocolate chips in the batter and chocolate frosting. Yes, I like chocolate! Today I would settle for a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and it would be excellent if there were chocolate chips in the cake. 🙂

  3. Meg permalink
    12/01/2011 8:48 AM

    I’ve also Twittered, and I am now following King Arthur Flour and you on Facebook.

    (Can you tell I want to win?)

  4. 12/01/2011 9:04 AM

    My favorite birthday dessert is cake, no doubt about it. As to what KIND of cake, well that varies from year to year. Last year, my flavor combo of choice was raspberry swirl cake with white chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting. 😛
    Guess I better start thinking about what I want this year…only 18 more days left! 😉

  5. 12/01/2011 9:05 AM

    Happy Birthday! – and the muffins look great. I like a good golden cake from scratch on my big day. One slice is all it takes.

  6. Heather Cox permalink
    12/01/2011 9:22 AM

    my favorite birthday dessert is mint chocolate chip ice cream cake with a fudge topping! oh, but it has to be homemade!

  7. 12/01/2011 9:28 AM

    Hey! Happy happy Birthday! Very exciting. I didn’t know that King Arthur makes gluten-free products… hmm, I like them more and more every day 🙂

    Hope your birthday is wonderful!

  8. 12/01/2011 9:43 AM

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE King Arthur Flour!

    My favorite birthday dessert has to be German chocolate cake. Or ice cream cake. It’s a toss-up…

  9. 12/01/2011 9:43 AM


    I follow KAF on Twitter. 🙂

  10. 12/01/2011 10:11 AM

    Happy, happy birthday Cynthia!!! I hope it’s a great one 🙂

    My favorite birthday dessert is a big chocolate chip cookie cake. That’s what I ask for every year.

  11. 12/01/2011 10:11 AM

    I follow KAF on Facebook!

  12. 12/01/2011 10:12 AM

    follow you on FB! 🙂

  13. 12/01/2011 10:18 AM

    happy happy birthday!! my favorite birthday dessert is ice cream cake! what can i say? i’m 5 years old.

    also, emily just posted some GF muffins yesterday. you should try them!

  14. 12/01/2011 10:20 AM

    i tweeted about this giveaway (@learningsarah)!

  15. 12/01/2011 10:38 AM

    Happy Birthday! I believe i am also gluten-intolerant, as well as lactose. I was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago (which is what they say when nothing else fits!), so its nice to see gluten free flours around! I’ve never tried them!

  16. 12/01/2011 10:40 AM

    Happy happy HAPPY birthday!

    I’m staring down my 31st birthday and honestly? I feel happier and MUCH healthier than I did 10 years ago. I’m more optimistic about my future and more motivated to be the best me I can.

  17. 12/01/2011 10:56 AM

    Ooh, I love KAF! ♥ My favorite birthday treat is the Pioneer Woman’s cobbler with whatever fruit or berry I can find – my favorite is blueberry peach, but my birthday is in November so there isn’t the same number of choices as when I make the recipe in summer. But it’s my birthday, so I can justify a splurge on blackberries. 🙂

  18. 12/01/2011 11:54 AM

    Happy happy birthday, sweetie!! Hope you have a wonderful (and not too snowy!) day! 🙂

    While I love a good cupcake, my favorite birthday dessert has to be cake from this old German bakery in my hometown. They make the best moist yellow cake with rich, sweet, not-too-buttery buttercream frosting. Thank goodness M’s birthday is only a few months away!

  19. 12/01/2011 12:35 PM

    Happy Birthday! I love ice cream cake but haven’t had it in years — January birthday means I don’t usually crave ice cream.

  20. 12/01/2011 12:47 PM

    Happy Birthday Cynthia!!!! I hope you have an amazing day 🙂

    My favorite birthday dessert? Oh goodness, this is hard. Probably cupcakes because I like that they are a “fun sized” version of cakes, haha.

  21. 12/01/2011 12:48 PM

    tweeted it!

  22. 12/01/2011 12:52 PM

    Happy Birthday Cynthia! My favorite dessert would probably be really really good chocolaty brownies. They are my weakness!

  23. 12/01/2011 12:53 PM

    I am following King Arthur on twitter!

  24. 12/01/2011 12:54 PM

    I liked your place page on FB!

  25. 12/01/2011 4:06 PM

    as long as it involves dark chocolate, I’m a happy girl!

  26. 12/01/2011 5:23 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Cynthia !!

    my favorite birthday treat would be cheesecake. or a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. or a tiramisu. or your muffins… those look GOOD. 😀

  27. 12/01/2011 8:29 PM

    YES have pizza for dinner, that’s the best birthday dinner in the WORLD

  28. actorsdiet permalink
    12/01/2011 8:51 PM

    fave bday dessert is cake! sounds like a no brainer, but i actually didn’t have any this year at the restaurant i was at. and then i got sick right after!

    happy bday!!!

  29. Natalie Rae permalink
    12/01/2011 10:51 PM

    I don’t like anything specific for my birthday because I love it all 🙂 I try to order or make some unique for the event. Anything French is preferred*

    I joined King Arthur on Twitter

  30. Mandy permalink
    12/01/2011 11:05 PM

    Happy Birthday! I LOVE ice cream cake.

  31. 12/01/2011 11:50 PM

    Happy birthday!

    My favorite birthday treat….chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a large glass of milk to go along with it! 🙂

  32. 13/01/2011 4:41 AM

    I tweeted !! 🙂

  33. 13/01/2011 11:05 AM

    My favorite birthday dessert is probably a perfect slice of New York Style Cheesecake! I lovvveee cheesecake, and its a dessert I have to figure out ways to adapt so I can keep enjoying it without quite so many calories.

    However, my little brother hates all forms of cake, so my mom usually makes him an apple pie and we put candles in it. Isn’t that hilarious?

  34. 13/01/2011 11:16 AM

    Oh, And Happy Happy Happy BDaisy! Also, I tweeted you! 🙂

  35. Jennifer permalink
    13/01/2011 8:01 PM

    My favorite birthday dessert is ice cream cake!

  36. Cindy permalink
    14/01/2011 8:14 AM

    Happy, happy Birthday! My favorite birthday dessert is any dessert that I am eating with my husband and kids in a restaurant where I did not have to make it 🙂 My birthday is this month also but I am definitely over 29.

  37. Veronica permalink
    14/01/2011 8:49 AM

    Ice Cream Cake from Carvel!! Mmmmmm!!

  38. 16/01/2011 1:39 AM

    I Like It All Changes on facebook!! 😀

  39. 16/01/2011 9:44 PM

    Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day! My fav b-day treat is cake! As long as it has icing, I’m a happy gal.

  40. icitea/clare permalink
    17/01/2011 10:07 AM

    Of course my favorite birthday dessert… is birthday cake! In particular, I love strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake or green tea ice cream cake…

  41. icitea/clare permalink
    17/01/2011 10:10 AM

    following king arthur on twitter !2icitea

  42. icitea/clare permalink
    17/01/2011 10:14 AM

    liked your page on fb @itsuko tea

  43. icitea/clare permalink
    17/01/2011 10:19 AM

    my tweet!/icitea/status/27006988344889344

  44. 17/01/2011 10:34 AM

    Cake from a local bakery!

    happy birthday!!!

  45. 17/01/2011 10:40 AM

    Happy birthday!! My bday is in the summer (on July 4th to be precise), so every year I look forward to strawberry shortcakes! Sometimes we cut them out into star shapes and serve them with blueberries (red, white and blue) It’s my favorite along with ice cream cake 🙂

  46. 17/01/2011 11:28 AM

    Ice cream cake is my absolute fave bday dessert!

  47. 17/01/2011 11:28 AM

    I am following them on Twitter

  48. 17/01/2011 11:29 AM

    I tweeted about this contest—@tiffanynico

  49. 17/01/2011 12:13 PM

    My favorite birthday dessert has got to be my ice cream brownie, or anything involving ice cream!

  50. 17/01/2011 12:25 PM

    Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed a special treat. 🙂

  51. 17/01/2011 12:50 PM

    Happy Birthday!

    My favorite birthday cake is my mom’s chocolate eclair cake … french vanilla custard between layers of graham crackers and topped with chocolate ganache … it’s rich and decadent … perfect for a birthday celebration!

  52. 17/01/2011 12:50 PM

    P.S. I already follow King Arthur Flour on Twitter … they’re great!

  53. 17/01/2011 1:05 PM

    happy birthday! 🙂 my favorite birthday treat is an ice cream cake. 😛

  54. 18/01/2011 2:04 AM

    My favorite birthday dessert is the chocolate chip bundt cake my mom always makes 🙂

  55. 18/01/2011 11:11 PM

    My absolute favorite birthday dessert is, and always has been, brownies. Gooey, fudgey, brownies.


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