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Big and Small Scale Goals


Year round I write weekly goals of things I need/want to accomplish.  I’m a HUGE list fan and enjoy writing goals each Monday as reminders instead of pushing things to the bottom of the to-do pile.

My love of lists runs so deep I have a 101 in 1001 days list and my 10 things in 2010 I wanted to accomplish.  I despise the word resolutions because it brings up strong memories of forgetting them at 12:01am January 2nd.

Having a tangible goal list last year instead of the typical lose 10 pounds or workout 7 days a week reminded me there are other things in my life I want and can improve.  I did pretty well if I do say so myself.  A few things had to jump on the list for 2011…but I made some big changes in 2010 which is huge compared to my old resolution habits.

2010 is done and 2011 is here.  This year I’m going a different route with my goals.  I love my weekly little goals as well as my yearly big goals. Why not do something similar for the entire year?


So here we go… The Big and Small Goals for 2011.

  • Read the Bible Chronologically. I’ve read the Bible in its entirety at different times but I’ve never read it in the order it was written.  Viewing it in order helps me to understand many things more clearly.  I’ve started this goal before but this year I’m keeping it.  Momma gave me a One Year Chronological Bible so 2011 the year.
      • Read a topical devotional. I have many a lot of books…trust me Hunni had to move them so he told me. Smile Among them are devotionals of all kinds.  I can choose from women, the names of Jesus, or almost anything.  With my new Nook I could find anything really.  Instead of grabbing at random…this year I’m doing topical.
  • Take one big trip for vacationthat doesn’t involve attending weddings. Our vacations always focus on going to see friends or going to weddings or going to Momma’s.  Hunni and I are saving for a real trip, like perhaps the cruise we never took for our honeymoon (I was waiting for back surgery).  We’re going to blow this popsicle stand and have fun just the two of us.
      • Visit friendsThey keep us young and happy.  Just because we want to take one trip without y’all doesn’t mean we don’t want to see ya.  Besides you make great company and it is fun to hang out with friends when we have time off.  We get sick of each other sometimes…what couple doesn’t. Winking smile
  • Budget! (yes this is recycled from last year) I used to be the budgeting queen and lately I’ve slacked.  To enjoy the stuff we want to do this year we need money…and we need to budget because money doesn’t grow on trees…technically.  Quicken is installed and I’m organized…I think I can, I think I can.
    • Track spending and savings. The best way for me to stay on budget is to actually track things.  It’s like with food.  If I pay attention to what I’m eating I feel healthier.  If I pay attention to our spending and savings we get to enjoy things.
  • Continue to grow and enjoy It All Changes. Blogging has become such a fun outlet for life and a way to connect.  I’m excited to keep at it and make this a space that I want to write at and you want to visit.
    • Blogger Meet-ups. I met one of my best friends through blogger meet ups.  I love to meet more bloggers with interesting perspectives who keep me thinking of ways to enjoy life.  I know more local meet-ups are in the mix and I have a ticket to Fitbloggin’ 11. I can’t wait to meet EVERYONE!!!
  • Create an A-Z books list. I always make excuses why I don’t read.  I don’t know which books are good…I can’t get to the library…I don’t have time. With my Christmas present two of the three go out the window.  I’m enlisting friends who are avid readers and blog readers to help me create a list of books I want to read…A-Z. Smile
    • Read one book a month. I’m creating an A-Z list which is 26 books but I don’t want to set myself up to fail if I don’t read them all this year.  So one book a month is plenty and if I do more I’ll be ecstatic.  Open-mouthed smile
  • Run 5 races. I had huge goals for this year to run another half marathon and a marathon.  But those went out the window with my repeated injuries.  Now I just want to stay healthy enough to run at all.  I don’t care what distance but I’m plotting my dream race list now.
    • Yoga, Strength and Stretch. I’ve learned one of the keys to preventing injury has been to treat my body well.  I was at my healthiest when I did more than just running.  I need to incorporate it all into my schedule instead of running everyday and running myself right back to PT.
  • Eat out less. I know, I know.  I talk a lot about how we need to eat out less.  This year confirmed it to me.  We did a great job cutting down this year and we want to continue.  I enjoy eating out when it is a treat.  I despise it when it is every day.  Now that I have a stock pile of healthy recipes, I’m ready to make eating in a habit.  Besides it goes really well with my budgeting goal. Smile
    • Stock the Freezer. This was perfect for the holidays.  It was like the 50’s era TV dinner except I knew what was in them and they didn’t taste like plastic.  With the holidays over I’ll have more time to keep the freezer stocked and this will be perfect for eating seasonally year round.  Cook things in the summer I can eat all winter.  I’m so Little House on the Prairie. Smile

What is one of your goals for this year?

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  1. 01/01/2011 9:57 AM

    Love the big and small goals – one of my goals is to focus on yoga and stretching as well. 🙂 Hoping it’ll pay off!

  2. 01/01/2011 10:21 AM

    Great list! I want to take a big trip too. Not sure where – my list is long. But next fall my nest empties and it just seems like the time for my husband and me to take off for somewhere amazing!

  3. 01/01/2011 8:42 PM

    Your list is really good. May I recommend reading The Help? It is fantastic!

  4. 02/01/2011 1:23 PM

    That is so true — I come to hate eating out when I feel like I “have” to because I didn’t plan a meal or because we are running around exhausted… but when we save it for a treat, it’s actually really enjoyable! One of my goals is to strength train. I really enjoy it, and need to make time for it!


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