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2010 Goals in Review


Last year on the eve of 2010 I decided to set 10 goals.  Ten goals that were well-rounded and would help me improve not only the typical weight and fitness aspects that New Year’s Resolutions usually encompass, but 10 goals for me, for growth.

Now 365 days later it’s time to review. What good are goals if you ignore them all year and they disappear as you make new ones for the next year? Instead I’ve been reviewing them throughout the year here and here.  Now it’s time for the final review.  Oh no, this feels like a job review. Smile But here we go.

10 Goals in 2010

  1. Run a 10K and a Half-Marathon. I ran my 10K in April in a time I never thought I’d see.  I wasn’t feeling great before hand but I loved conquering a new distance.  And I fulfilled goal #88 with Hunni and great friends after the race.  The injury I sustained…not so much.  Thus no half-marathon.  Who knows if there is a half-marathon in my future but for now I’m proud that I’m still running.
  2. Practice Yoga more regularly. I went through spurts with yoga this year.  I know regular yoga practice is good for both my body and soul…but I couldn’t get into it.  Now after having multiple doctors tell me I should incorporate it into my routine and seeing some of my great CDNY friends singing it’s praise I need to make it a habit.
  3. Date nights! Fun, fun, fun was had all year.  Anything from outlet shopping to hiking with the silliest dogs.  We love this tradition and look forward to Fridays.  Even during the holidays we had movie nights and random Sunday afternoons of wandering the mall and Home Depot like our dating days. Smile
  4. Make some good sugar-free desserts! If only I had discovered things like beet sugar a year ago I wouldn’t have had binge episodes on buttercream.  Now I know I can have sweet treats if I bake them myself like Michael Pollan says.  I love making new treats and storing them in the freezer because those thing are hard and expensive at times to make.  It’s also fun to find blondies when I clean out the freezer. Open-mouthed smile
  5. Allow myself some Pamper Me time. Simple things like having a regular hair appointment with “my” stylist who knows my name and asks me questions about my life was such a comfort this year.  She’s a sweetheart and it was such a simple thing to pamper me.  Such a relaxing feeling.

  6. Make some good couple friends. We made friends.  Not so much couples.  But friends are good.  And Hunni loves my blog friends.  He’s choosy but you ladies cut the mustard. Smile
  7. Take more pictures. I learned to use my camera with lots of fun tricks from other bloggers.  I also realized I need a new camera because the balance is going on mine.  But I have tons of pictures and take so many funny ones all the time.  When I’m bored or have insomnia it is fun to look back at the year and see silly things like my canning adventures or apple picking with Hunni and Momma and just sitting around in my wedding dress.
  8. Eat more local and eco-friendly. At the beginning of the year this was a bit difficult on our pockets.  Organic and local meat is expensive.  Becoming a vegetarian really helped our pocketbooks.  That’s not the reason I went vegetarian (and Hunni is veggie at home) but it didn’t hurt.  I learned to love my local farmers’ market and the vendors and seasonal is now a big word in my food vocabulary.  To learn more about my transformation this year check out my guest post for Crunchy Chelle.
  9. Live within our budget. Big fat F on this one.  Mvelopes was just too much to log into and update.  I still hadn’t learned all the ins and outs and it was overwhelming.  We balanced out at the end of the year but barely.  Instead we purchased Quicken while it was on sale for Black Friday and will be using it in the new year.  I used it in High School and College so I know how it works.  Next year is the year of the budget…I hope. Smile
  10. Eat out less. Honestly my health played a big factor in this.  No more grab and go…even simple Subway.  I had to plan ahead for places I could eat (a challenge) so we packed meals to take with us instead.  This was perfect on short trips and required me to do a better job at menu planning.  I still want to improve but my bank statement (despite my bad budgeting) shows less restaurant eating and much more grocery shopping.  I just need to budget groceries better. Smile

How did you do on your goals for 2010?

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  1. Jenna permalink
    31/12/2010 4:48 PM

    Way to go on hitting 7 1/2 goals!!!

    I want to sit down and figure out what I’d like to accomplish in 2011. I can’t complain about the blessings I received in 2010. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and Hunni!!!

  2. 31/12/2010 7:45 PM

    I set a ridiculous amount of unrealistic goals in 2010, and didn’t come close to accomplishing them all. I learned a ton about myself through the process of goal setting and failing, so I’m calling it a win.

    Congratulations on doing an amazing job with your resolutions, though!

    • 02/01/2011 2:25 PM

      Learning from your goals even if you didn’t accomplish them is an accomplishment in itself.

  3. 01/01/2011 8:05 PM

    Great job on hitting most of your goals!

  4. 04/01/2011 11:11 AM

    Yay for more yoga! I really really reallllly recommend trying PearBudget ( I think it is three dollars a month to use their program (or there is a free spreadsheet). I used to be an avid personal finance geek (I read PF blogs before healthy living blogs) and found pear budget to be the most user friendly and helpful system out there. Basically, you input your budget for the month, set aside a certain amount for each category and then input your daily expenditures. It takes a bit of time to establish the habit of recording all of your expenses but it is worth it!

    • 04/01/2011 11:54 AM

      Thank you Katie. I will have to check that out. My hardest thing is to remember to record them which is why I like quicken…it pulls the info from my bank.


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