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Handmade Christmas–Momma’s Gift


Okay Momma… This is where you stop reading….I mean it…NOW!!!!!

I’m watching you….


Okay now that I think she’s gone…(you better be…what fun is Christmas without the surprise)…May I present to you my next crafty fun project for Handmade Christmas 2010.  I’m a bit obsessed…I’ll admit it Winking smile.

Heat/Ice Sash – Obi Won Kenobi Style

As a kid Momma always had a heating pad available for emergencies.  You know “that time of the month” or “I had a 4 hour marching band practice” or “I don’t feel good.”  You know the real emergencies.  I decided to craft one for her that she could use for both heat or cold.


  • 1 yard fabric of your choosing
  • Thread (to match if you do not wish to see stitches)
  • approximately 2 cups of dry rice

Other things you’ll appreciate having:

  • Ruler
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat
  • Pencil
  • Traditional funnel

Old lady trick: If you keep a fabric stash like me, you will need to measure a yard from one of your favorite fabrics.  From the tip of your nose to the end of your arm is approximately one yard.  So much easier than measuring and it’s fun to look silly doing it. Smile



  1. For ties, cut two strips 11 x 45.  IMG_5931– Hint:  Most fabric is 45 inches wide so you only need to measure the 11 inches and then cut the selvage (rough edges) later.
  2. Fold over each strip length-wise and stitch along one short edge and entire long edge. IMG_5937– Hint: Note how I stitched the rough edge so that it can be trimmed.
  3. Trim off selvage (if you used the hint) and clip corner to make for easier turning./IMG_5943
  4. Turn each tube inside out and push out corner. IMG_5951–  Hint: Use pencil point to create sharp corners. IMG_5950
  5. You can iron each tube flat or top stitch for a nice finished effect.  IMG_5952Hint: Irons and I don’t get along so I chose the top stitching…which is fancy for stitch close to the edge to look pretty.
  6. Now to create the pocket and hot/cold pack: Cut two rectangles.  One 21 x 12 inches for pocket and one 19 x 11 inches for the pack.  IMG_5936
  7. On pocket, create double fold on each short end and top stitch. IMG_5956 – Hint:  It might be helpful to pin one fold and then fold again before sewing. IMG_5954
  8. To inset ties on pocket edges, roll and pin them leaving unfinished edge and place inside pocket.  Place a pin to hold each tie in place.IMG_5958Now fold pocket in half and pin.  Remove pin holding tie as you place pin on outside holding right sides together.IMG_5961 –  Hint:  You may find it easier to do one side at a time.
  9. After both ties are inset turn pocket inside out.  Use pencil trick to create sharp corners and top stitch around pocket to create finished seams.  IMG_5960
  10. To create hot/cold pack, place right sides together and stitch along short ends.  Clip corners and turn so that right side is out.
  11. Using ruler measure evenly spaced lines at 1 inch. IMG_5934–  Hint:  You can create lines for channels at 1.5 inches for your first attempt to make it easier to fill.
  12. Sew along each line, leaving 1/2 inch at top to close.IMG_5967 Using a funnel fill each tube with rice.IMG_5973 – Hint:  You may use flax-seed if you chose.  If so I strongly recommend the 1 inch channel lines due to seed size.
  13. After filling each channel fold in top and edge stitch to finish.IMG_5982

For extra credit: You can create a tie to close the pocket while the hot/cold pack is inside.  Cut 1 strip 3 inches by 26 inches.  IMG_5935Fold right sides together and stitch along both short edges and long edge. Cut strip in half and turn creating sharp corners with pencil.  IMG_5974Edge stitch both pieces.  IMG_5979Make sure to fold in unfinished short edge before edge stitching.  IMG_5976 Box stitch one piece to center of pocket and the other to the top of pocket.  IMG_5981 Or you could just attach with Velcro.  Smile

To Use:

  1. Heat pack in microwave on high for 1-3 minutes, checking frequently to prevent burning.  To cool, place in freezer for at least 1 hour prior to use.
  2. Once desired temperature is achieved, add to to pocket and tie shut. IMG_5983
  3. Using ties, attach to back or whatever body part that needs relief. Smile


It’s such a relief to use and simple to create.  I may need to make one or two for myself since I seem to love injuries. Open-mouthed smile

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  1. 18/12/2010 12:41 PM

    cute idea! I am soooo not that crafty though! nor do I have a sewing machine. I’ve always dreamed of being crafty but it’s never worked out haha

    • 18/12/2010 2:54 PM

      I’m not crafty in other areas though. I am bad with paper crafts. I’ll take fabric and thread any day. 🙂

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