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Coffee Killed + Goals


September 30th I set a coffee goal for October.  My coffee budget was way overdrawn and I needed to fix that quick.  Five cups of coffee out or less in October…DONE!

Okay, I’ll admit at first it was hard.  Suddenly all these things I hadn’t planned for popped up and the all required COFFEE.  Imagine that.  Sometimes even the best laid plans are tricky.

Then I discovered something interesting…very interesting Winking smile I had started ordering my coffee with soy to avoid the dreaded dairy that kills my stomach.  Then it happened again.  Wait…I’m not supposed to have trouble with soy.  I eat tofu and love edamame with my sushi.  Soy and I are friends…right?

I don’t know for sure – I have an allergy test on Wednesday – but it looks like soy and I can only be acquaintances.  Not so bad for my budget, I guess.  Besides it means I’ll get to use my new coffee maker more often and I’ll enjoy the almond milk lattes from Whole Foods that much more.


Operation coffee 911 turned out to be a success after all.  Now I’m more likely to take a cup of tea with me and drink the strong stuff at home Smile

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Last minute work tasks. My schedule is still nuts but most of the little tasks are D-O-N-E!  Hallelujah.  Now I don’t have them hanging over my Christmas brain.  I do have one more task which seems more like a calculus project.  At least my boss was nice enough to point out it isn’t due today like I thought. Smile
  • Use home gym at least 4 days. Yoga with Rodney Yee, biking through the Ice Age, and some great strength training.  And Jane came to visit after I saw her on Oprah this week Smile
  • Go to gym class. I went and boy did it feel like gym class.  Locker room, the smell and a teacher that was part drill instructor, part Zen yoga master.  I don’t know if I’ll like it but I’m sticking it out.  Also my muscles have that it hurts so good feeling of an amazing workout.
  • Work ahead on blog stuff. Did you catch my announcement? I thought long and hard about giving you the best content.  I’ve been working ahead for months and have some great things planned.  Now the pressure is off and I can just have fun.  This is me and I’m constantly changing Smile
  • Check off next cleaning project. Cleaning the pink room was such a stress relief that I cleaned the corner of our living room. Winking smile We finally put up a Christmas tree for the first time in 2 years. Open-mouthed smile Year one: Surgery.  Year two: Death in the family.  Now there is no excuse and I have plenty of cute ornaments I’ve collected over the years I want to hang on the boughs with care. IMG_5519

This Week’s Goals:

  • Record my food. I got back into the exercise track this past week after avoiding it and praying I could run.  Now I need to get back on track with food.  As hard as I’m trying there will still be days I have to grab take away and spend nights sucking down homemade coffee.  I need to get into the habit of being mindful of what I’m eating and for me this means tracking.
  • Finish 2 craft projects. I have two things almost done.  Almost defined as: adjective meaning so close to being done I need to get my butt hands in gear and just put in the final touches.  I don’t know why I wait but I have time and I better use it while it’s there. Smile
  • Finish 2 big work projects. Tis the season for more and more work.  I’m on top of it this year.  I know the two I have to do this week in order not to pull my hair out next week.  Yeah for calculus-like numbers and questions only the CIA can answer Winking smile
  • Maintain workout schedules. They are all labeled and scheduled based on my schedule for this week.  I’m hoping to keep them and keep this amazing feeling I have when working out.
  • Macaroon Monday. Want to know what this is…Check out Heather from Hangry Pants Description.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Busyness usually means dehydration.  I really need to keep this under control.  Three bottles of water filled and hot tea stocked by my desk.  My dry throat should be a nice hint to my hand to grab and gulp.


Also check me out on Faces of Beauty today.  This is an amazing project by Heather of Heather’s Dish to show the beauty of women from the inside and out.

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    1. 01/11/2010 9:04 PM

      Almond milk latte at Whole Foods? That sounds really good!

    2. 02/11/2010 9:51 AM

      Dang. I need a WF just for an almond milk latte! No place around here offers that.

      • 02/11/2010 10:44 AM

        They are amazing. You could make one with a frother from Bed Bath and Beyond and your cool little coffee thing 🙂

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