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Whoa Weekend + Goals


This weekend was busy, crazy, fun and exciting…and probably far to many adjectives to add into one post.  Definitely far too much to recap but here’s a quick snapshot.

Grocery shopping and blogger meet-ups equal a fun trip to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods with Jen, Emily, Rebecca, Emily, Katie, Heather and Courtney.

whole foods

It was my first time meeting Courtney, Katie and Emily so I enjoyed expanding my local blend circle.  I also learned so many new things to try at these stores that I always skip out on when I stick to my list.  Perhaps I’ll have to venture off the list occasionally.  Thanks ladies.

Then there was this…


That is my little ball of fluff enjoying our 5 mile hike Sunday afternoon.  To get the full effect you really should watch the video Smile

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Make personal Christmas lists. Half done.  Now the question is if all the handmade crafts I intend to give will actually get finished or if they will end up with some of my canned goods.  They’re still handmade too, right? Smile
  • Finish fun gifts. I learned a good lesson this week.  My schedule of when things need to get done is sometimes just in my head.  Unless someone is relying on me to get something done in a certain timeframe sometimes I can put things off.  After this realization I relaxed my schedule a bit, putting off some of the things until later, and enjoyed my family and friends instead of stressing.  Good plan in my book.
  • Gym 3 days a week. Regular gym twice…home gym the rest of the days.  Best thing ever.  Oh and a wonderful hike to round out the week Smile
  • Have a blast grocery shopping. Grocery shopping was hilarious with a group of bloggers.  We looked so odd taking photos and wandering around Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  But I’m looking forward to the next time we can do it ladies.  Let’s just wait until after Christmas. Smile BTW I’m going back tomorrow Open-mouthed smile
  • Plan ahead. Blog stalking and cookbook looking is so much fun.  I also have some meals premade already in the freezer.  Bring on the crazy schedule.  I can handle it…at least food-wise Smile

This Week’s Goals:

  • Last minute work tasks. Crazy schedule lead to just getting the bare essentials done.  This week is full of the last-minute tasks that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list and are essential Smile
  • Use home gym at least 4 days. I wouldn’t mind subbing in the real gym or the pool but I’m trying to make good use of my hard work.
  • Go to gym class. No I’m not making up for High School gym which I will admit I sat out of most of the time.  I signed up for a core and cardio class at the Y so I’m going to go…I really am.  I would feel horrible if I signed up for a spot and didn’t so because someone else didn’t get the spot.  I’m kind of excited and scared.  At least I don’t have to wear maroon and grey like high school Winking smile
  • Work ahead on blog stuff. This is always on my list but I really need to make an effort at it this week.  November is also here and I am in denial.  I also want to rearrange some things so I’m going to use my morning gym time to get some blogging done in the evening.
  • Check off next cleaning project. Cleaning the pink room really made me want to clean and organize.  Stress does this to me.  Yes I’m nuts.  I have a ton to do and I want to add more.  But that’s how I deal.  Cleaning is so relaxing.  I can’t be the only one.

Does cleaning relieve your stress or stress you out?

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