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Do You, Tofu?


If you had asked me just a few short years ago what I thought about tofu, I would have wrinkled my nose and laughed at you.  It looked like a icky sponge.  Then I learned it is an icky sponge.  I soaks up any marinade your little heart desires.  Perfect for a good protein substitute or a cheap addition to anything.

The only problem is you have to squeeze the water out of it.  Sure some people say you can buy extra firm and cut it as is…but it falls apart.  Thus leads to a variety of methods to get out every last drop.  If you are tired or scared of the old school pressing method with towels and heavy objects…the Tofu Express is your dream come true.


This wonderful little device makes it much simpler to drain the excess water off the tofu and marinade.  Just throw it into the press and screw on the lid.  Wait an hour then drain the water and add your marinade. IMG_4477While the tofu pressed, I dreamt up a marinade.  I tend to look at multiple recipes and then make up my own.  This time I consulted my friendly oven mitt for advice.

IMG_4516He decided that I should grab a few things from the pantry and mix until it tasted good.  How about olive oil, tamari, and sherry?  IMG_4501Sounds good but was missing a little kick.  Something to make my breath stinky get out my aggression as I smash and chop. Ahhh Garlic!


Making a marinade is all about taste.  I added approximately three cloves chopped garlic, 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp tamari and 2 tbsp sherry to cubed tofu and covered it with the Tofu Express lid to marinate.

Now what to make with it.  A good meal must have veggies and some sort of starch.  First the veg…

Carrots and broccoli will add nice color.  But what are these….IMG_4509 Could those be carrots?  I thought they only came in baby form.  This looks more like something Bugs Bunny would eat.IMG_4511

A little chop, chop and into the pan they go with some frozen broccoli.  Add 1/2 cup of veggie stock and cover while they steam until tender.

IMG_4517Once the liquid has evaporated push veggies to the side and add tofu to brown.


Meanwhile pull another mysterious ingredient from your pantry.  I don’t read Japanese so I’m hoping these are the buckwheat noodles the shelf label said.  IMG_4502

Buckwheat noodles are so helpful in the cooking department.  First they come in little bundles for portion sizes (spaghetti should get a clue) and then they have these cute picture directions.


Cook and drain noodles according to directions before adding them to pan with veggies and tofu.  Don’t forget to stir them while you are wrapped up in a repeat of the Golden Girls or things might be a bit burnt.  IMG_4520

If you like things a bit Cajun this is fine.  If not, eat around the charcoal and enjoy being friends with Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. IMG_4519Do you eat tofu?  What is your favorite recipe?

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  1. 24/10/2010 12:54 PM

    this looks GOOOD… I still press my tofu the old fashioned way. 😉

    I like to mash my tofu with some sriracha, rice wine vinegar and wasabi and roll it into seaweed – vegan sushi 🙂

    • 24/10/2010 1:48 PM

      Ooo I never thought of it as a sushi sub. Sriracha and I are best friends thanks to my Vietnamese friends 🙂

  2. 24/10/2010 8:26 PM

    I love tofu but I’ve never made it- I’m intimidated! This looks really delish!

    • 24/10/2010 8:48 PM

      I was sooooo intimidated the first time. Honestly it is one of the easiest things as long as it is pressed and marinated. If not it tastes like a wet sponge to me 🙂

  3. 24/10/2010 9:33 PM

    I haven’t made it lately as no one except me really liked it. I need to learn how to press it better and try again!

    • 24/10/2010 9:39 PM

      For us it is all about texture and flavor. Have you tried my peanut butter tofu pie? Hunni thinks its ice cream 🙂

  4. 24/10/2010 11:24 PM

    Haha, I always feel slightly like Bugs Bunny when I have fresh, real carrots too 🙂

  5. actorsdiet permalink
    26/10/2010 12:58 AM

    i love my tofu xpress – i use it to drain frozen spinach too!

    • 26/10/2010 10:16 AM

      I don’t normally use frozen spinach but never would have thought of that. I have a few boxes for recipes and that is a great idea. Thanks!!

  6. 11/11/2010 3:09 AM

    a year ago I would have never eaten tofu. Now I go to town on it. I only have it once or twice a week along with meat 🙂


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