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Finding the Carpet


Going with my theme this week of organization and list making…tonight’s chore was straightening the first of our two guest bedrooms.  Saying I have two guest bedrooms makes it sound like I have a HUGE apartment.  Not so my friends.  These rooms are mainly storage.  Good thing no one lives with us or they’d end up sleeping on this bed.

gym 067

Any guesses what that could be? Nope, not curtains or a bath towels.  It’s my wedding dress! I found it in our pink room (so named due to the carpet color). gym 065

It still fits!…even over workout clothes.  🙂  Hunni fell over laughing when he saw me taking pictures of myself in my dress.

gym 055

Something else we found while cleaning the pink room….The actual pink carpet. 😀

gym 077

Hunni uses this as the room to throw everything in when he “cleans” the rest of our apartment.  It is a random conglomeration of stuff…gym 046oh and storage for the dog food.

gym 047gym 078

Those are the little bits of dog food Hunni tried to convince Peanut and Leo to eat instead of vacuuming while I found the dog food bag a new home.

Most of the stuff I found Hunni just giggled and shrugged his shoulders.  Remember I told you this is how he cleans the rest of the house. He shoves stuff in here to make the spaces we see presentable.  At one point this summer we had our old dryer that still worked in there because he “had no place to put it.”

There were lots of other oddities found in the pink room.  I was bound and determined to organize, straighten and sort through it all because I had plans for this room…and it wasn’t just to clean it 🙂  Today we found some things from many cleaning trips ago….like…

gym 069

Yes…hospital slipper socks.  More specifically, a pair from my back surgery over 2 years ago!  Hunni claims he brought them home for me to wear post hospitalization.  I was sick of those things after the second day in the hospital.  This pair ended up in the bottom of a mini closet.

gym 074

The white extension cord is my “sewing machine” extension cord.  The one I’ve been looking for since August.  Apparently it was “relocated” to the pink room.  I grew tired of looking for it and purchased the blue one last weekend.  Oops.  At least I have an extra for the next time Hunni “cleans.”

Other randomness included all my canning stuff that was moved from the kitchen when we had company…

gym 051

The leftover psychedelic monkeys I want to send to two of my favorite blog little girls..

gym 072

Diaper cake ingredients awaiting our next baby shower invite…

gym 070

My own personal Heisman who just happens to root for the wrong team….


gym 075gym 076

So much to clean that we took a dinner break for some of Lindsey’s Vegan Enchiladas.  Definitely a hit in our house.  Hunni requested they be in the regular rotation.  gym 088But we had to go back to cleaning with our bellies full of lentils until the pink room was empty and we could see all the carpet.            gym 079With the room cleaned out (and not just shoved in another room) I could execute my plan.  I’ll leave you with a little hint.  😀   gym 086

What would you do with an empty room?

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