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Type A Me + Goals


I’ve written post after post about my love of list and goals.  In fact this is my weekly goals post 🙂  However this weekend I realized my love of lists was about to become a full blown obsession.

I’m a neat freak but with my crazy job (up to 12 hours a day) and no storage my apartment can be a little…how shall we say, cluttered?  Often Hunni and I leave the big cleaning things to when we “have to” instead of making them regular.  It’s driving me nuts.  I’m tired of waiting until I’m sick or take a day off to scrub the kitchen or bathroom.  Instead Hunni and I agreed it is time to schedule this type of thing on a regular basis instead of last minute.

So I bought Get It Together by Cindi Ferrini (a speaker at my weekend conference) so that I can not only organize my day to day but also my weekly, monthly and yearly…EVERYTHING! My Type A brain is on overdrive but I’m loving it.  I’m loving having a purpose for all the calendars I have and all the list papers and things I want to do.

My Type A goes perfect with my Bipolar Disorder and busy schedule.  This week I’m looking forward to being even more on track than I already am.  Call me crazy, call me nuts, call my strange…but I’m going to enjoy every second of my Type A list making this week 🙂

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Plan meals out ahead. Not the best experience but definitely better than I’m had.  Cheese was not my friend but the rest was amazing!
  • Use the hotel gym at least once. The gym and pool looked beautiful but my schedule and stomach didn’t enjoy it.  Instead I took some naps and walked around with Hunni.  Not exactly my plan but I felt better than pushing myself to workout when I wasn’t feeling well.  I did enjoy looking at it from the outside though 😀
  • Swimming!!!!! Indeed the YMCA was open on Monday.  But I forgot I super packed my schedule since it was my day off and I had to leave at 4pm on Tuesday for the rest of the week.  I didn’t prepare myself for the pool but I did hit the bike that night.  You win some, you lose some.
  • Pack ahead. Heather’s packing skills made my packing super easy and super light.  I loved that I could actually get it done ASAP and carry the bag too.  It also made dressing on really busy days easy too.  I knew what I was going to wear because I had planned it based on my schedule.  I think Heather just might be a genius!
  • Post Office. All things went out and arrived safely!  That is a huge deal.  I also love that my USPS workers know my name.  Perhaps its all the stamps I buy.
  • Breathe! This week was so relaxing.  Sleeping in a nice bed.  Having fun with friends.  Exploring with a true day off.  Missing my puppies but enjoying not having to wake up and walk them.  Breathing was so wonderful and will make the busy days better.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Make personal Christmas lists. Work list has been done for weeks.  Now I’m breaking down what I want to order for friends and family.  So much harder to decide on the perfect gift.  I have some done but others may take until the end of October.  If I don’t have it figured out by then I may have to wait until the after Christmas sales when I actually have time to shop 🙂
  • Finish fun gifts. Oh boy my week is full of sewing, sewing and more sewing.  I have some easy things planned but a quick time frame.  Lucky for me I don’t have a ton planned for my evenings this week 🙂
  • Gym 3 days a week. I love that I can actually go to the gym and last 30 minutes.  Stretching and icing is so relaxing.  Getting back into this habit is a good thing now since the craziness will begin…today 🙂
  • Have a blast grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping for therapy and I get to take my wonderful CDNY Blogger friends to my absolute favorite shopping places…Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  Saturday should be very interesting.  Eleven bloggers in one big van off to grocery shop.  We’ll see what we come up with 🙂
  • Plan ahead. Last year I ate out almost non-stop for 2 weeks.  I was sick of it by the 3rd day.  This year I’m planning ahead.  Simple meals, crock pot meals, and frozen (homemade) meals.  I’m actually enjoying this…it’s the Type A in me 🙂
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  1. 18/10/2010 5:04 PM

    I hate Christmas shopping! I wish we could all just go back to the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate that without having to buy gifts for tons of people. I love doing gifts for people like little M and my more immediate family, but always dread the gifts I’m obligated to do for cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents/etc. I never know what to get them since I don’t know them as well!

    • 18/10/2010 6:03 PM

      I never get gifts for extended family. I only buy for Hunni and immediate family. I also buy a few gifts for close friends. Everyone else gets a Merry Christmas. It isn’t about gifts.

  2. 18/10/2010 5:39 PM

    Oh, Cynthia. I love you. I totally get your love of lists and get that same thrill out of being organized. There’s something hightened about that feeling on a Monday, too.

    • 18/10/2010 6:04 PM

      Yeah Katie! Lists are my friends and I love them! They keep my hectic life just slightly less hectic. Monday morning lists are perfect!


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