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The Questions?


When I started my healthy living journey it was such a vast departure from the “before” Cynthia.  You know the girl who sat around watching movies all the time eating entire packages of Velveeta Mac and Cheese with a bit of broccoli…for veggies.  The girl would couldn’t dream of running for fun or eating things like quinoa or kabocha.  Just check out My Journey for an idea.

Switching from that lifestyle to one with workout clothes, gym memberships and actually shopping at the grocery store was a big change.  With this kind of change came a TON of questions…more questions than I ever imagined.  You know that annoying person in the office who has a question for everything?  Yeah, she worked at my school too.  Or you best friend who notice something different but doesn’t quite know what it is.  She asked all sorts of questions like, “did you change your hair?”, “Is that a new dress?”, and “So what have you been doing?”

No matter where you are on your healthy living journey, the questions can be flattering at some times and SOOOOOO annoying at others.  There are sometimes you want to give straight answers and sometimes and you just want to have fun.

We all know the real answers when we choose to give them.  However here are some fun answers for the long list of questions I’ve been asked.

  • Are you losing weight? Nope I’m slowly disappearing.  I’ve watched too many episodes of Sliders and I’m about to move into a new world.
  • Can you eat that? Yes and I’m going to enjoy every bite!  Can you eat it…nope!  It’s all mine 😀
  • Is that all you are going to eat? For now…and then I’ll eat something else later and again later.  I want as much bang for my flavors buck.  Some pumpkin and cinnamon in my oatmeal and some stinky gorgonzola on my salad later (if I’m feeling dangerous and want cheese).  Who knows I make go wild and add some red pepper flakes to my pizza, yes pizza, for dinner.  I’m Crazy!
  • How much have you lost? Oh I didn’t lose anything.  I know exactly where the weight went…far, far way.  Off to never, never land from whence it shall not return.  Not if I have anything to say about it!
  • You actually like running? No, I enjoy torturing myself to the point that sweat drips off every part of my body and my legs need ice to relax.  Of course I like it because it gets me out of my head and out of here!

Of course this is not how I actually answer these questions, day in and day out.  I try to be as polite as possible with the simplest to the most absurd questions.  But sometimes there is that little devil on my shoulder who just wants to be snarky.  Losing weight, exercising and over all being healthy isn’t an experience you can explain just by answering a few questions.  It takes work and determination.

The next time someone asks you a question respond with a question.  Why do you ask (questions)?

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  1. 17/10/2010 8:52 AM

    This post hit home for me. Because of the weight I’ve lost, I get a lot of – so how did you do it? Most people are truly interested to hear if there’s anything that they can learn from or just want to be supportive but there are a handful who are expecting me to unveil the silver bullet. The key to dropping a huge amount of weight fast. We both know this isn’t how it works but it’s fun playing out those convos in my head sometime. 🙂

  2. 17/10/2010 7:30 PM

    I love this! And agree about the questions – sometimes great, other times totally obnoxious. Good for you for bringing this humor to it! 🙂

  3. 17/10/2010 7:57 PM

    YES! I’ve gotten all of these questions, too, and I think of snarky responses, too. If it’s a close friend, I will respond with a snarky response sometimes 😉 Out of all those questions, the one I hate the most is “can you eat that?” YES. I can eat whatever I choose!!

    • 17/10/2010 9:53 PM

      Friends are so much fun to give the goofy responses to. And yes I can eat whatever the heck I want!

  4. 17/10/2010 10:32 PM

    Oh yes. It’s a good thing I don’t answer questions the way that I often “want” to!

    • 18/10/2010 10:41 AM

      Definitely. I want to answer like this but I’m often polite and respectful. That twinge to say a snarky comment comes up every now and again.

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