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Dairy Adventures in Boston


After one conference ended and before another began, Hunni and I decided to journey into Boston.  We’ve been fairly frequently for work but this time it was just for fun.  A full day with nothing to do but whatever we wanted, what did we really want to do with ourselves?

I’ve explored Boston many times before but this was Hunni’s first.  Being a history buff he wanted to see things like Faneuil Hall and the Freedom Trail.  Me…I just wanted to eat a bunch of fun stuff.  It was a quick trip into Boston on the Hogwarts Express…Uh I mean the T.  But Hunni did ask if we were passing Muggles station when the Ruggles station was announced 😀


It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the T into they city because I thought the $1 coins they gave in change were T tokens.  I freaked thinking, “I can’t use these many tokens.”  I felt kind of dumb asking the Transit Authority how to transfer them into money 🙂  Oops they were just Sacagawea and Marten Van Buren.

Once in Boston we tried not to look like tourists; you know wandering the city with a map.  Instead we just wandered around the same block 4 or 5 times before heading into a random restaurant instead of Quincy Market for lunch.


I was still looking forward to Quincy Market and all my fun food memories so I stuck with a light spinach salad.  They forgot to put the dressing on the side and the gorgonzola was stinky and fabulous but in copious amounts.  This was dairy mistake #1.


Good thing I didn’t go with the first thing that struck my fancy.

IMG_5014The waitress was nice enough to point us in the right direction of Faneuil Hall.  A fun little walk and the shopping and eating began.  Shopping is really easy in the Faneuil Hall area.  They cater to people like us who want to spend money.  A free vacation day…why not look at chachskis to buy.


Or of course there are perfect little signs that remind me of friends 🙂


Life and shopping wouldn’t be perfect without getting our inner dork on.  Yes we are dorks and darn proud of it.  Just ask anyone who has been around us 🙂 Crocs, Daleks and Newberry Comics.  That’s us 😀


After proving our dorkiness, we finally hit up Quincy Market and Dairy Mistake #2.  I used to love browsing for food fun and made Hunni walk from one end to the other before we made the perfect food choices.


No I’m not insane.  Dairy and sugar mixed in would have killed me right there.  This was Hunni’s treat of choice.IMG_5050

I guess death by chocolate didn’t kill him.  I decided for something a bit less deadly…or so I thought.  IMG_5048

My friend Melissa introduced me to bubble tea almost 7 years ago – in Boston actually – but I haven’t had any in a while.  Today it was a beautiful trip down memory lane.IMG_5052

Uh, oh.  I guess non-dairy milk is really milk powder.  I enjoyed every tapioca pearl surprise that sucked up the straw even through my tummy hated the dairy.  Hunni didn’t enjoy either when he asked to try a sip.  I thought he was going to gag and spit out the pearls before I could grab the camera and capture the hilarious look on his face.  🙂

We did a good bit of shopping and wandering for another hour or two.  I’ll confess we went into the Christmas ornament shop and almost bought a few until I snapped back to reality and realized a) I could probably get something more unique and better quality on Etsy and b) It is only OCTOBER!!! Instead I bought a Patriots T-shirt to support my team on Sundays…I’ll be wearing it under my snuggie.  We also bought a thank you gift for a friend who has let us stay with her for a few days.

Finally it was time for dinner before catching the train home.  My calf was rebelling so we didn’t want to walk to far.  Enter Ned Devine’s.  Settle a debate between Hunni and me: Wasn’t there some movie called Waking Ned Divine?


My only veggie choices were Black Pepper Pasta with gorgonzola cream sauce or grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I wish my leg had been behaving so we could have walked farther for a better option.  But I ordered the soup and sandwich and resigned myself to taking fun pictures.


Dinner came loaded with cheese and the soup was more cream than tomato.  Big dairy mistake #3.  IMG_5072

It is official.  Mr. Dairy…you and I are done.

Last week I used only Earth Balance, Almond Milk and vegan cheese with absolutely no dairy problem symptoms.  Today I tried to add it back in and the results were not pleasant.  No Mr. Dairy…you and I cannot be even casual friends.  We’re done and I’m going to have to be more creative with restaurant picking and acting like Sally.

At least Hunni and I had a silly fun day before hitting up another conference.  Smile, move on, and endure the gas that comes along with my last bit of dairy 🙂


What changes do you have to make when eating out?

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  1. 17/10/2010 6:57 PM

    I have to make some adjustments while eating out as well. There are certain things that I KNOW trigger migraines and sometimes avoiding those can be tricky. There are also certain things I have eliminated from my diet because they could be triggers. I am slowly reintroducing them to see if I have any issues, but as for now I can’t eat any of them. The list is long, so sometimes eating out can be tricky. You have to do the best you can to make sure you feel your best.

    • 17/10/2010 9:55 PM

      Making adjustments while out is the worst. But I keep trying because I want to feel my best.

  2. 18/10/2010 12:29 AM

    Wasn’t Boston just gorgeous this weekend? I really loved wandering around for a few hours since I’m feeling better.

    I’m sorry you had tummy problems!! I’m slowly easing out of my “beige carbs sick diet” and it’s depressing. My body turns white bread and pasta into serious poundage in only a couple days! I’m already not fitting into my jeans from just 2 weeks of being on that stupid diet!

    I’m also not supposed to have diet- so thank GOODNESS for almond milk and coconut yogurt. 🙂 Have you tried it? It’s delish!

    • 18/10/2010 10:36 AM

      Boston was beautiful.

      I had coconut milk yogurt for breakfast. It was pretty good but I might need to strain it to get the thick texture I love.

  3. 18/10/2010 12:30 AM

    oops- DAIRY. not diet. lol

  4. Melissa permalink
    19/10/2010 5:23 PM

    Hmmm… you didn’t happen to be at Boston ComicCon?? LOL


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