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I Believe I Can Fly


I travel a ton, but rarely fly.  This gives me the liberty to pack as much as I want.  Especially since Hunni will lift it all and we kind of have a 12 passenger van to fit all the last-minute whims I want to throw in.

van For our last trip we packed two suitcases, my LL Bean Blogging Bag,IMG_3310 several reusable grocery bags, two bikes, all our bedding, and probably plenty of other stuff I’m forgetting.

I read plenty of posts where bloggers pack just one carry on for an entire week and I’m in awe.  I’m constantly adding one, two or ten more things “just in case.”  That just in case usually is an entire extra bag all on it’s own.

My method of packing is usually the 20 minutes before leaving by throwing a bunch of clothes in a suitcases and praying.  During the entire travel I’m hoping I can find thing things I can wear that match at our destination.  All those extra “just in case” things make this possible, normally. IMG_3325This process also means leaving a few crucial things behind, despite my extensive list making.

IMG_4987This might be why I have two cell phone chargers, an extra winter coat, multiple extra bottles of shampoo and a few tooth brushes.  Target loves me on vacations or work trips because I always have to run out and pick up the stuff I forgot.

After our last trip where I had to purchase another phone charger, a pair of panty hose for my uniform, shampoo and deodorant, I was fed up with my method…or maybe my bank account was.  For this trip was had a plan…a meticulous packing plan.  The lovely Heather has a very artistic way of packing.  I was never able to pack lightly and have “enough” for all my events, so I just over packed.  Heather has light packing all spelled drawn out.  Each day and event had a drawing of the outfit so she knows exactly what to pack.

I lack markers or crayons so my first attempt at sketching was rather boring and well, very green post-it.


It was kind of depressing and not easy to follow for packing.  Instead I took a more high tech lazy approach and used paint to sketch out my outfits.  I think my paint skills have improved since trying to amend my Exposed Post.

outfits wed thursfriday sat sundayextra clothes I even made a less sophisticated version for Hunni’s outfits while waiting for a phone call in the office.  He’s a boy so I had no idea what he wanted to wear.  I just knew it involved a few pairs of khakis and some shirts 🙂


Hunni didn’t stick to his list but mine is spot on…okay except for one extra dress and pair of tights.  Our normal van load of stuff was reduced to this…


Yep that was it.  All the things we needed for almost a full week fit in the front bench seat of our van.  Bonus was I could actually help carry our luggage so we only had to make one trip.  No stressing about what to wear and if we have it…it’s all there and ready to go.

Perhaps we could fly at some point instead of always driving without incurring massive fees.  But I guess that would require reserving flights and having somewhere far to go.  But at least we got the packing for flying down 🙂

What is your typical packing method?

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  1. jennas1978 permalink
    15/10/2010 9:05 AM

    Bwahahaha…I’m okay with packing…however, I learned about a month ago that a small being requires twice as much in packing as the two adults put together!! We shared a bag…she had her own, plus a whole bunch of add ons. LOL!!

    • 15/10/2010 9:07 AM

      I know. I need to get this packing thing under control before a little one comes along or we’re doomed 🙂

      • jennas1978 permalink
        15/10/2010 9:08 AM

        As long as you have the big van, and leave room for the car seat, you should be good. 😉 In good news, most of the method of packing for a baby is “just in case” stuff, so you’ll be all sorts of ready!!

      • 15/10/2010 9:11 AM

        Thanks Jenna. I must also teach our dogs that the front seat is not all theirs once a baby comes along 🙂

  2. 15/10/2010 9:09 AM

    Love your paint outfits. Very cool – and you’re way more skilled than I would be with it. 😉

    When I travel, whether it’s one day or many days, I always have a HUGE full-sized suitcase and my laptop as carry-on. The thing is that I don’t know what I want to wear until the morning of – so I like lots of options. But lugging around the suitcase isn’t fun.

  3. actorsdiet permalink
    15/10/2010 8:47 PM

    i. hate. packing! but more than packing i hate unpacking!!!

    • 15/10/2010 9:46 PM

      I actually love packing. The idea of putting stuff in order is fun. Unpacking is horrible and my suitcases are known to sit for days until Hunni does the laundry.


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