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Such a Monet + Goals


Ahhhh…..I hate being crafty sometimes.  Being crafty leads me to do things like make my own 8th grade dance dress (and then buy one when it doesn’t turnout), quilt for 6 straight hours straight making quilts for friends (whom I love very much but didn’t start until the day before), try to make a banner for a parade instead of having one printed.  Oh why do I get myself into these things.  Why oh why?

Let’s just say my OCD got the better of me and I was frustrated with this last project.  The iron-on letters were not made for the fabric I bought, leading to 4 hours of ironing them instead of the 3o minutes the package promised.  Darn packaged lied! Not to mention the little letters were slimy and smeary.  What should have taken no more than 2 hours took almost 8!

The final product was such a Monet

IMG_4727 Pretty from far away but up close…oh no!


I can’t believe I spent as long on this project as I did on a cute baby quilt.  I think I’ll stick to quilting instead of crafting…most days 🙂

The entire thing gave me a headache and I wanted to give up about 1,000,000 times.  However this was NOT an option.  The Parade was Sunday and we need a sign.  So here ya have it.


We marched in the town parade and no on said one mean thing about our sign.  In fact we got lots of compliment.  My perfectionism and negativity almost got the better of me.

I thought so much about how many times things haven’t been perfectly the way I want it.  I wanted to quit running when it was too hard and I was gasping for air.  I wanted to quit moving when my back decided to give up on me and needed surgery. I wanted to quit when I hit a plateau with my weight loss.  I wanted to stop exercising when I couldn’t move past where I was in terms of fitness.

What would have happened if I gave up then?  Where would I be if had never pushed past my desire to give up because things weren’t perfect and going exactly as I wanted?  What if I gave up before I even started because I knew it wouldn’t turn out?  I know exactly where I’d be…Right here!


I may not be perfect and it drives me absolutely batty, but I keep pushing forward.  I have to…I’d be stuck if I didn’t.  We I can’t let my perfectionism prevent me from moving forward.  I certainly don’t want to go backward.  I must keep plugging along and be okay with however it happens.  It’s not going to be perfect but I’m kind of okay with that.  I’m still working on it…literally!

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Grocery shop. There is food in the house.  Food for breakfast, lunch and meals for dinner.  And the grocery list saved the day.  I was hungry when I went (don’t do this) and almost bought the store.  I had to buy small snack to make it thought the shopping but now we have food and I’ve made some fun things.
  • Organize my pantry. The jars look so pretty.  They are such a simple addition but make my day so happy when I open my pantry and see all the organization.  My OCD is very happy 😀
  • Mail out Bake Sale goods. Oh my…so good.  I had to run out of the kitchen to make sure I wouldn’t snack on Raya’s treat.  I hope she enjoyed them.  They reminded me of how much I love baking and want to do it again soon 🙂
  • Make my Christmas lists. I made my list (and checked it twice) for the church presents.  I’m working on my personal gifts because I’m trying to make as many Homemade Christmas 2010 gifts within the time I have left.  Only 27 more days until I have to be done shopping.  Yep I’m still that crazy person who is done by the end of October.  :-)
  • Get in 3 workouts. Oh boy…someone needs to tell my schedule to slow down.  I got in two workouts this week.  One gym bike ride and one bike ride with Heather.  Unfortunately no swimming.  I’m re-evaluating my schedule so I can fit it in at least once this week.  I want to use my new goggles and nose clip.  Yep I’m a sexy swimmer 😀

This Week’s Goals:

  • Stretch daily. I stretch everyday already but it isn’t purposeful.  A bit here in the shower, a bit while waiting in line at the grocery, and a bit just talking on the phone.  However I need to be more purposeful about stretching now that I’m working out regularly for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
  • Start simple blog posts. I am becoming increasingly aware of my schedule crunch and that includes blogging crunch.  Last Christmas I did okay but my posts were kind of off.  Just trust me they are strange and odd and you can tell I was stressed.  Instead of giving you crap I want to give you quality me.  Hence writing ahead when I have time so that I am ready for the madness.
  • Watch only 2 hours of TV a night. A. I don’t like too many of the new shows on right now (they cancelled my new favorite, My Generation, before it even got started).  B. I watch way tooooooo much TV.  We are talking ridiculous amounts of TV.  If I want to get those blog posts written and make more time for fitness something has got to go.  One caveat…if there is a show on that I want to watch at the gym it doesn’t count okay…I have to do something to keep my mind occupied while the bike goes NOWHERE!
  • Create a budget. Okay the other day I told you that we’ve kind of sucked it up on the budgeting front this year.  We aren’t in a bigger hole than before but we aren’t digging ourselves out to fast either.  So I’ve purchased Quicken to us and want to start building our savings again.  We need to finally take a honeymoon 2.5 year after the marriage 🙂
  • Plan some time with friends. This one may seem dumb.  After all I spend all sorts of time out with the CDNY girls doing things.  But I have friends that I’ve been meaning to spend some time with but we never connect.  Perhaps they should get a blog or twitter so we can arrange it 😉 Or perhaps I should just pick up the phone and call.  That is probably the better option so I’ll do that this week. 😀
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  1. 04/10/2010 10:42 PM

    I think your sign is perfect! I’m impressed you can make something so good looking. I hope you have a fabulous week.

    • 04/10/2010 11:01 PM

      Thank you so much. In my frustrations I see the imperfections instead of the good it was. I needed others to help me see it.

      My week is off to a great start!

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