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When I left on Thursday for Boston our apartment door was working fine.  When I came home it was magically locking itself and not unlocking, even with a key.  Uh oh, this is no good. That’s the only entrance to our apartment.  Well okay, it’s not only entrance as Hunni figured out.  Now we have to us the fire escape to our roof top porch and “back door” until the lock smith comes on Tuesday.


Silly Hunni for telling him we can still get into the building.  Sure we can get into the church part of the building.  I’m not a fan of sleeping on the pews for a few days, so fire escape it is.

*For those of you who are new around these parts, Hunni and I are pastors who live in the apartment above our church.*

To make matters worse it was POURING on Friday.  We’re talking raining, pouring, the old man is snoring.  Oh that would have been me.  I slept in until 10.30am which I haven’t done since college.

Instead of our planned date day (picking more apples…I know I have a problem), Hunni and I decided to use a free movie ticket and catch a matinée.  We wanted to see The Social Network since we love Face book but no passes allowed.  Figures!  So we went for our second choice.


Easy A is the perfect mix of John Hughes movies from the 80’s (I’m obsessed) and Nathaniel Hawthorne.  So well done it had us both laughing hysterically.  Reminded me of watching The Breakfast Club on repeat during my teen years.

The only problem with this matinée movie date was we hadn’t eaten lunch yet.  The bigger problem was my lazy butt sleeping in hadn’t made coffee yet.  Ooops.  Off we went to Starbucks and Subway.  Hunni had a vanilla bean frappucino and I had perfect oatmeal and a latte.


Yep that is one coffee down for my October Challenge already and it’s only the 2nd.  I need to plan ahead better.  We had no choice with only five minutes to inhale our food.  The movie started at 1:55PM and we sat down to eat at….


This might not be a problem for most people who despise previews…I love them.  I know they are commercials trying to convince me to see their movies but I want to be convinced.  I need to know what movies I’ll be seeing in theatres soon and trailers are much better than TV ads.  During Christmas Kettles it is either Football or a movie and sometimes the movie wins out.

Some silly photos had to happen because we’re us.  I promise I wasn’t about to rob a bank.  It was raining and I forgot my umbrella again.


Ten minutes into the movie I heard a crash.  Hunni was a bit over zealous while shifting in his seat and the chair in front of him didn’t like it too much.


Nope it wasn’t occupied…it was broken.  Hunni hung the back on the chair again as we left for some unsuspecting guy to kick while on his first date.  Nah…Don’t worry the staff knows although we think they were the ones who “fixed” it the first time.

We walked back through TARGET to get to our van and browsed around.  You’d think we never go as we wander up and down almost every aisle; we are there are least once a week, on silly date things for coffee.  This time they had some funny Halloween stuff out and with it official being October we could finally indulge.  Leo will be happy to know they do NOT have the hot dog costume again this year.  But they do have our most favorite Halloween things ever…


Yes those are piggy banks.  And oh yes they are shaped like a pumpkin and devil.  They even had a mummy and vampire and Super Pig.  What’s not to love?

Our date was a blast escaping down the fire escape.  Now we have to convince Peanut and Leo that the fire escape is not going to swallow them or us whole for a few days when we escape the apartment for work and walks.


Have you ever been locked out of your house?

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  1. actorsdiet permalink
    03/10/2010 12:39 PM

    i want to see “easy a” now – breakfast club-esque is a great review!

    • 03/10/2010 3:16 PM

      If you love the John Hughes movies this is a perfect movie. Breakfast club, Sixteen Candles…the whole bit 🙂

  2. Melissa permalink
    04/10/2010 1:28 PM

    no freaking way! I MUST have those piggy banks… I MUST!!! (oh, and I’ve been dying to see Easy A… I have to get there before it leaves the theaters!!)

    • 04/10/2010 2:19 PM

      I want the pumpkin one so bad. I am hoping Hunni the Halloween fairy will buy me one 🙂


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