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How is 2010 Going?


On December 31, 2009 I set out 10 goals I hoped to accomplish in 2010.  I’m not big on resolutions but I had ideas for where I wanted this year to go.  Now that it is October and we are 3/4 through the year I thought it would be good see how far I’ve come and what I have to keep working at.  The difference is I’m not beating myself up like I have in years past for breaking resolutions on January 2.  Instead these are goals and I can work on them at any time.

10 Things I Hope to Accomplish in 2010:

  1. Run a 10K and a Half-Marathon. My 10K was amazing.  I felt strong and ran a race that I loved.  I want to run it again next year if possible.  However the injury at this race prevented the Half-Marathon from happening.  But I didn’t beat myself up for missing the Philly Distance run.  Instead I was proud of how I handled it.
  2. Practice Yoga more regularly. Big goal Fail!  My yoga this year has consisted of a few yoga stretches here and there in PT and after runs.  Also my cousins love it so when they come to visit we do yoga at least once a day.  Perhaps I need little flexible motivators like them around constantly to push me since Peanut and Leo are no help.  licky peanut
  3. Date nights! Date nights are amazing!  Why should you quit dating when you say “I do.”  Instead we’ve done things like movie marathons, blueberry picking, the ballet and just being goofy (what we are really good at 🙂 ).  IMG_4187 This fall date nights will consist more of movie nights because of our schedules but we want to fit in some snow shoeing and maybe some snow tubing or other activity.
  4. Make some good sugar-free desserts! Oh my stars.  Who knew how many opportunities I had in the sweetener department for making desserts.  I thought I was relegated to agave nectar which can be pretty expensive for baking (1/2 a cup is about half a bottle!).  Now I am loving things like beet sugar, date sugar, maple syrup, and honey.  My dessert options are becoming limitless.  Too bad my budget isn’t the same.  Stay tuned for more desserts on my recipes page 🙂
  5. Allow myself some Pamper Me time. I have a steady appointment every 6 weeks for a haircut, and highlights….uh, every 6 months.  My stylist is awesome and they blend for the entire time.  I’ve even had some pedicures and a manicure for a week on vacation. nails I also found time to spend by myself and with friends which is so pampering for my soul!
  6. Make some good couple friends. We are grownups and realized that sometimes we can hang out with others and have fun but we are two different people.  We enjoy our time together and sometimes with others.  But we also enjoy our time alone.  We still have our good friends, but love allowing each other to be us.  I can’t turn Hunni into a social butterfly and he can’t turn me into a homebody.  And we’re okay with that.  It’s all about compromise.
  7. Take more pictures. Click, click, click!  I’m a picture nut now.  I think Peanut and Leo are tired of the camera.  Well maybe Leo since he’s shy.  Peanut is a camera ham. And now I have pictures of some of the fun things we’ve done over the last year like snow shoeing, hiking in mount Greylock, visiting the Today Show and just any other random things we’ve done.  Such fun to remember them when we look through the pictures on a slow day.
  8. Eat more local and eco-friendly. The farmers’ market is a great place to visit.  I’ve been to our local one almost every week.  I’ve also visited the Troy Farmers’ Market and the Vermont Farmers’ Market for fun.  Even while visiting Momma on vacation we went apple picking at Linvilla Orchards and then again the following weekend.  I even learned to can all the awesome local food I’ve bought so that I can enjoy it all winter long 🙂  Also although it has nothing to do with eating more eco-friendly my vegetarianism has definitely had that effect.  No more worrying about buying organic meats and the price.  Bonus for my healthy, the environment and my wallet.
  9. Live within our budget. We’re struggling with this.  There were many unexpected expenses this year that wiped us out.  Also Mvelopes is an amazing program but much to involved for us at this time.  I spend all day at the office working on major finances so I need something simpler.  Starting in October we are moving to Quicken which I used in college.  So much simpler and I think it will help us rebuild our finances so we can finally go on a cruise we’ve been waiting for.  At least we aren’t further in debt which is a good thing.
  10. Eat out less. If we define less as not as often on our own dime things are going great.  We try to eat at home as often as possible even if that means throwing things in the pot an praying.  I love trying out new recipes and my menu planning is going pretty decent (except for the crazy months).  Now for work that is an entirely different story.  Traveling, meetings, and no food for my issues at conferences have meant lots of eating out.  But we are doing great!

How are you doing on your 2010 goals?

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  1. 01/10/2010 2:41 PM

    Loved this post! You have done a lot for the first 3/4 of the year in my book!

    Have you tried It syncs up to your bank account and it gives you a breakdown of where all your money goes.

    I told a co-worker about it, and she came to me and was shocked to find out she and her husband had spent $700 just in going out to eat in a month!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • 01/10/2010 6:09 PM

      Thanks. I love goal setting because it makes me push forward. I think that is why I love training for races.

      I have tried mint but it doesn’t have one of my banks :0(

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