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Coffee 911


When my doctor recommended a cup of coffee a day to help with my IBS she would have never guessed she was creating a monster…a caffeine monster.  I used to hate coffee in High School and even college.  I didn’t discover the joy of an occasional cup of coffee with the girls until seminary.  Now I’m out of control; I’m addicted.

This summer I hit bottom.  I was super busy (true but an excuse), didn’t have flavors at home (so not true), or time to brew my own (stupidest excuse in the book).  Every morning I sent Hunni running to the coffee shop to pick up my iced soy latte with hazelnut.  You know it’s bad when the barista knows my order and makes it while he waits in line.  Hunni doesn’t mind this daily errand because he can pick up a Nantucket Nectar.  He’s obsessed with the Nantucket facts and wants to go visit.  Perhaps we’ll fly Sandpiper Air.

Going out for coffee is an experience.  That is why I love my CDNY blends.  Almost every meet up involves a coffee shop or grabbing coffee on the way to do something.

coffee 024

Coffee is about the art of the barista…

coffee 031coffee 033

Or about the jazzy music or open mic nights as I relax (often on the computer) surrounded by the smell of fresh ground beans.  The local food doesn’t hurt either.

coffee 032

It’s all part of the experience.

The part of the experience that is not-so-friendly is the cost.  Let’s just say it isn’t budget friendly when you go as often as I do.  I’m a numbers nerd (yeah Calculus) as much as I’m a word-nerd so I estimated the cost for my summer coffee habit.

  • $4.29 for super huge solo iced soy latte with a tiny bit of hazelnut syrup
  • 1-2 coffees per day
  • 2 crazy months fueled by caffeine
  • = approximately $278.85 in coffee alone!

Not to mention Hunni’s Nantucket habit at $1.85 for each coffee trip.  We spent a butt load of money at the coffee shop not including the work lunches and other meals we ate there.  (Butt load is a higher level math term from all my calculus classes 😀 )

My wallet is empty but my cabinets are full…of coffee.

coffee 002

Something has to change NOW or I might be surviving on a diet of coffee alone.  This doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now but I’m not so willing to test it out.

That brings me to my challenge for October…I’m going to limit my coffee shop habit.  Notice I didn’t say stop it.  In my experience when I go cold turkey from things like this, I rebel.  Instead I’m saying no more than five coffee shop coffees in one month.  This allows for some fun blend meet ups I already have scheduled and I can enjoy some seasonal flavors without going broke.

I’ve done a few things to make the transition less traumatic.

  • I purchased seasonal coffee flavors.  The best part of fall are pumpkin and autumn flavored things.  I searched seven grocery stores to find these bags.  I snapped them up quick when I heard a couple behind me looking for the same thing.  😀 IMG_3976
  • Then I had to figure out what flavors where in those mysterious bags I already had.  Hunni was nice enough to buy me some flavored coffee grounds but, uh, didn’t label any of the bags.  This means I spent a good bit of free time the last few days with my nose in a bag to pick out subtle flavors.  Much like wine tasting…a hint of raspberry with a fine note of chocolate. coffee 004
  • I have rice and almond milk on hand.  Heck I always have them on hand because they are all I drink.  coffee 027 But I did buy this little beauty at Reading Terminal Market to make it more coffee shop like.  I need the frothy foam.  It’s addicting.frother
  • Flavored creamer is a must.  All that soy from my summer iced lattes didn’t make my body too happy.  However just a splash of soy creamer or coconut adds to the flavor and light color I 026

I like a challenge so I’m fairly certain I can do this.  Before my summer-o-crazy I only went once or twice a month to the coffee shop.  For a bit of extra insurance I bought this cute new reusable mug I’m really looking forward to using.  It’s pretty 🙂

coffee 025coffee 028coffee 030

I’m actually excited to do this.  I need to get our budget back on track and my eating at home on track as well.  This a a great addition to both of those things.  My coffee is packed and I’m ready to go.  Bring on October.

coffee 006coffee 003

Do you have a coffee ritual?

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  1. 30/09/2010 9:24 AM

    That is why I am so happy I have never picked up this habit. I am 32 now and don’t see this being a problem for me….good luck! Hubby loves it though.

    • 30/09/2010 2:27 PM

      IT was never a habit before an now I’m so hooked. I need to stop! Actually I need to control it but I have to wean myself down.

  2. 30/09/2010 1:17 PM

    I just popped over from Caitlin’s blog – inspiring story! What seminary did you go to? I just graduated from Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta and finished my first unit of CPE a couple of weeks ago.

  3. 30/09/2010 1:25 PM

    Yeah…we love good coffee 🙂 We like drinking just because it tastes good, but it’s also a fun thing that we do together, especially on weekends when we have lazy mornings with coffee and breakfast together.

    • 30/09/2010 2:27 PM

      I love your little coffee maker thingy (technical term). Hunni can’t get into coffee but loves to go to the coffee shop and drink juice with me 🙂

  4. 30/09/2010 3:54 PM

    Hi! I also popped over from HTP. Congrats on all your success so far!

    I’m a huge coffee drinker. I only drink a (12oz) cup or 2 each day, but I’ve been drinking it since I was in 5th grade. I kid you not. haha I would get up at dark:thirty every day and get the brewer started for my dad. I can only imagine it didn’t occur to him that coffee wasn’t really a “part of this nutritious breakfast” for an 11 yr old!

    Anyway, the point of all that is that about 2 years ago, I got a Keurig one cup brewer and I haven’t looked back! For as often as I’ve recommended for people to buy one of these babies, I should make a commission. They have TONS of options and they even sell a separate thingee (technical term) so use can use your own ground coffee instead of buying the K Cups. It’s truly a worthwhile investment!

    • 30/09/2010 11:39 PM

      Thanks so much for popping over and for the compliment.

      My cousins who are 9 and 11 want coffee when they see me and my family drink it. I have to tell them they don’t want to be short forever. But they try 🙂

  5. 01/10/2010 11:03 AM

    I’m a totally coffee addict! Fortunately for my wallet, I do almost all of my brewing at home. I do splurge on one frosted pumpkin latte at a locally owned shop near my Weight Watchers meeting.

    I agree with you about the ambiance of the coffee shop being half the fun. Lately I’ve wanted nothing more than to take my laptop to a coffee shop with free WiFi and lose myself for a day.

    • 01/10/2010 11:42 AM

      You just described my life Katie 🙂 It is so fun! But I made my coffee this morning instead of buying it even when Hunni offered 🙂


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