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How Many Bloggers Does It Take?


Saturday I went apple picking…AGAIN! 


I’m in deep with the canning and wanted to try new recipes like Pineapple Apple Preserves and Apple Chutney.  Can’t can without apples.  I want to can can…

can can 

Thank God for a Blogger Meet up with my CDNY girls to go apple picking.  Oh boy did we pick apples.  $14 bought you all the apples you could stuff in a bag at Indian Ladder Farms and I filled it to the brim.


This might have been the largest meet up I’ve attended.

group pic

Lauren (and her husband Shawn who took the picture, Thanks Shawn!), Jen, Heather, Rebecca, Nicole and Chelle arrived ready to pick apples and eat a cider donut or two.  Many hands definitely do make light work…although these apples were heavy.  I had 18 pounds!



Between the 8 of us we probably purchased a million pounds of apples not to mention the squashes, cider and donuts. 


Indian Ladder was well supported by the Capital District New York Bloggers.  A good local business deserves it!

A few ladies had to split to after the orchard for prior commitments while the rest of us went to Chelle’s house for some canning.  She sparked my full fledged fire for canning and I know the other ladies were excited.  Perhaps I was a bit too excited as I almost set Chelle’s house on fire.


Don’t worry, I’m fine…although I don’t know if Chelle’s Husband wants me to come over anymore 🙂


I appeased him with some apple butter.  He’s a keeper Chelle 🙂

By the way do you know how many bloggers it takes to can apple butter and Red Hot Apples?  Apparently a nice little army of us.


In 3 hours our apples went from this…


to this….


There might have been some measuring missteps in between, but none of us claim to be mathematicians 🙂 

At least it tasted good, right Nicole?


Uh Heather, Maybe?


Bailey and Daisy thought we had it under control.


Now I need to convince Heather to move in for a few days and help me can the rest of my apples. 😀


I promise we can watch the Badger game… Huh, Huh?


Apple picking with friends is just a little thing that made my busy weekend.  Check out Savvy Eats for another little thing I’m enjoying.

8 Comments leave one →
  1. 28/09/2010 1:41 PM

    i can’t get over my tasting face?

  2. actorsdiet permalink
    29/09/2010 1:48 AM

    i’m jealous of all your apple picking and blogger meetup adventures!

    • 29/09/2010 9:34 AM

      Well you could always move to upstate NY. That might not be so good for your career though. 😀


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