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Multitasking Mishaps + Goals


I love multitasking…lists, calendars, the whole bit.  You’ll usually find me doing at least two things.  Like right now I’m typing this post, watching Gabriel Iglesias on Comedy central and planning my to-do list for tomorrow.  Eeeek!  I get a crazy pleasure from crossing things off the list and actually sometimes add things to the list I’ve already done so cross them off.  The simple things give me such satisfaction. 😀

While listening to John Tesh (don’t judge I was in Pennsylvania without my normal stations) and he mentioned a study stating that multitasking may actually lead to getting less done.  This can’t be true…I’m a master multitasker.  Hmmm well this might be true.  Tweet deck, Face Book and Google Reader are so distracting.  That little birdie pops up and I have to check out what y’all are saying 🙂  Let’s not even start in on email.  Work emails and Gmail are the worst.  Don’t people know I’m trying to do work around here?

Hey maybe John Tesh was on to something.  I might get more done if I don’t spend so much time trying to get everything done at once and focus on one task at a time.  I’ll think about it.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Relax! Mission accomplished.  Monday was great to see the prez.  Tuesday was full of canning and awesome Mexican food with friends.  Wednesday we slept in, randomly wandered some stores we don’t have here and then hit to road making great time and finding a short cut.  Totally relaxing to be in bed before 10PM at home with Peanut, Leo and Hunni.  The rest of the week hasn’t been as easy but it was fun.
  • Pamper myself. Oh yeah I needed this.  The last time I had my highlights done it was cold out.  Living in the Berkshires that usually doesn’t mean much but this summer was a sauna.  Now that the fall weather is rolling in I realized how long it had been.   IMG_4306My stylist is so awesome that the highlights blended so well and looked great even SEVEN months later!  Go Jen!  I’m a blonde again with all my highlights redone.  Nice summery look for the fall 😛 IMG_4316We’ll see how long these last.  Going by this schedule I’ll be due for more in April…just in time for Easter 🙂
  • Work out 3 times. Let’s talk about the definition of a “workout.”  If by workout you mean going to a enclosed facility with treadmills or pools and using athletic shoes than this one is a big fail.  Sorry I lied on Thursday.  I’d planned the bike ride and swim before I had to do damage control.  Let’s not get into it or I might freak out.  But if you count things like walking around Philly for several hours, hauling large boxes of Ball Canning jars and apple picking…again…workouts I went above and beyond.  You can decide for yourself 🙂
  • Family Time. Lots of family time.  We all enjoyed the things we loved and some great naps as well.  I love Momma and I’m so happy that Hunni and Peanut and Leo enjoy visiting her (and her crazy cat) at least once a year 🙂
  • Brainstorm menus. Thank you so much Blogosphere!!! JLGoesVegan mentioned cooking beans in a rice cooker, Angela from Oh She Glows created an awesome apple and butternut squash dish and my new cookbook had a recipe for lentil sloppy joes reminding me of Heather from Hangry Pants.  Add in a few meetings out and going to Boston for the Fundraiser Tina is holding for TNT I’m set!  We don’t even need to buy much.

This week’s Goals:

  • Grocery shop. Uh we have almost zero food in the house.  Okay this is a lie.  We have lots of food but I’m not creative enough to turn it into meals.  We need to purchase a few things to make recipes I’ve planned and have easy breakfasts and lunches.  I also need some creamer for a challenge I’m starting for myself for October 🙂
  • Organize my pantry. Okay I give in.  I have been using Ball Canning jars for actual canning but after seeing them for storage on so many blogs I gave in and bought the quart sized today for organizing.  Perhaps I’ll stop buying stuff I already have like the three bags of green lentils in my pantry currently 🙂
  • Mail out Bake Sale goods. I was so happy to participate in the blogger Bake Sale for Tina and her TNT fundraiser.  My lucky winner was kind enough to wait until I returned from vacation to send them out.  Tomorrow is her lucky day.  Of course I’ll make a second batch for myself…wouldn’t you.
  • Make my Christmas lists. Yep I’m one of those people y’all hate…the ones who have Christmas shopping done by the end of October.  In my defense I have to for my job because all heck breaks loose in November.  But I was like this prior to becoming a Salvation Army officer so I guess God was preparing me 🙂
  • Get in 3 workouts. This time no debating the definition.  I have my Google Calendar and know how to use it.  My workouts even have their own color calendar (yes I’m a dork).  Swimming tomorrow and Wednesday and biking at least one other day.  I’m ready to sweat.

Ready here goes nothing.  Oh yeah and I thought about it and think I want to test out this multitasking theory.  Monday and Tuesday I’m going to do one task at a time using my favorite Online Stopwatch and then Wednesday I’ll do my normal bit.  We’ll see if Mr. Entertainment Tonight is right 🙂


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