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Our vacation is over. 😦

We are happy to sleep in our own bed (and so are Peanut and Leo) but let’s take a moment of silence any sort of relaxation for the remainder of my year.  Bring on the no sleep and lots of work.  OH NO! I’m still trying to catch up on rest from my crazy vacation.

Christmas is coming fast and I don’t know how to stop it.  I love Christmas, but for a Salvation Army officer it is like tax season…NON-STOP!

I had vacation-itis even before vacation started.  What is vacation-itis you may ask…the lack of desire to do anything in your normal schedule just before vacation starts.  Just like seniors with senioritis who refuse to do work.

The worst part of vacation-itis was not wanting to face the scale after this past month.  Nothing but meetings interrupted with the occasional day at home.  You could say I’ve been a bit busy; but what else is new.  We had no food…only leftovers, take out, and blogger meet up to enjoy tasty new restaurants.


This wasn’t my normal few days off…this was a real vacation (2 weeks, baby!) and I wanted to enjoy every second.  Leave all the work behind and just relax.


I didn’t even want to think about weight or health before vacation.  I knew I had gained weight during my pity party for my injury and we all gain weight on vacation, right?  I’ve written a few guest posts about struggling with my calf injury but I ignored the weight gain that went with it.  If I ignore it, it didn’t happen, right?  My clothes still fit even if I wasn’t completely comfortable.

Unfortunately I couldn’t ignore it.  I missed my structure.  I crave it.  I missed my menus and I missed my meeting.  I love the ladies at my meeting and I love my leader Ann.  Just not this Ann…


I would normally beat myself up for a few more weeks and gain some more weight before slinking back in the door.  This time I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and faced the scale, but more importantly ask my friends for support.

Guess what…I had only gained three pounds!!  This was great.  To me this meant I had learned better choices than I thought.  Just being in the meeting right before vacation reminded me to make healthier choices during vacation instead of waiting until after the vacation.

I taste tested my way through vacation.  A bit of this, a little of that. I enjoyed a bit of the things I couldn’t have at home and left the rest behind.  I had the shoo fly pie and enjoyed some blogger meet ups.  Jenna chose a perfect old-school Mexican restaurant for lunch and Momma made me another veggie cheese “steak”.  I even had a crepe in Philly reminding me of some blendsIMG_4192 I tasted every bite instead of gorging myself.  Each bit was worth it instead of feeling sick and not remembering any flavors.

I enjoy the support of Weight Watchers because there is no judgment.  In fact I went to a meeting (at Momma’s center) while on vacation to relish in the support of others learning to lead a healthy life.  Now back at home I went to my normal meeting to spend time with my friends.

It is part of my routine.  The support of everyone at my center and the other centers reminds me of the blogging community.  We’re all different but looking for one thing…Health!

Vacation-itis went out the door and responsible eating was in.  Food on vacation can be great but doesn’t have to be a free for all. 

**Remember this Cynthia when you feel like diving into the Nut Butter and waffles Christmas Day!**

Have you ever had vacation-itis?

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  1. actorsdiet permalink
    26/09/2010 1:24 PM

    i’ve always wanted to go to the moosewood restaurant! that was my first cookbook in college.

    • 26/09/2010 1:39 PM

      It was the first vegetarian cookbook I had. So loved the restaurant and it was perfect. And not too touristy like you would think.

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