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Bloggers Know the Best Food


I complain a lot about having to travel for work because of all the hassles it causes with my food.  I don’t like being sick and that’s the bottom line.  Most food at these conferences isn’t designed for me and so I suffer through while dreaming of my little kitchen with my pantry and my food.

However the one thing I often forget is that these trips take me to many different places allowing for lots of different blogger meet ups.  Healthy Living Blogs is a big help for this.  Did you know there is a section you can look up bloggers by location and stalk blogger ask other bloggers to dinner when you visit?  I use this frequently to find new blends when I travel and meet up for places I may never find on my own.

This past trip I was blessed to have not one but TWO blogger meet ups *laughs in a Count-von-Count voice*.

countHunni and I arrived at our NY conference early after dropping the dogs off at their grandmama’s so I could gallivant around the city.  A large group suggested we try Candle 79 because it is entirely vegan which means I could eat any darn thing off the menu I wanted.  Woohoo! Unfortunately some of our blends got held up with work stuff so it was just Gabriela, Andrea and me.  group candle

I’m sure we’ll catch up with the others on my next trip sometime.

Candle 79 is Fantastic! Such a cozy atmosphere with great lighting.  Besides the food was spectacular, as was the staff.  I love TOP CHEF and always wanted food to be plated using ring molds and special stacking.  Candle did not disappoint.

We started with an order of guacamole timbale per Gabriela’s suggestion.  She loves this place and would eat here everyday if she could.  BTW all the pictures are hers because she has an amazing camera that did the food justice.


We devoured it down to the last chip.  Then for entrees we all ordered something different and tasted each others.  This by far is the best way to try a new restaurant.  Then you know what to order the next time you go.  Oh, and there WILL be a next time, trust me.

I had the Summer Harvest Paella.  The last paella I had was in Spain full of Marsicos…otherwise known as shell fish and lots of chorizo.  Big no no for me now but this was fantastic.  Didn’t miss the fish at all.

summer harvest paella

Andrea had a the Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Cake.  This is something I want to recreate at home because the chutney on top really put it over the top.


Gabriela went with the Chipotle-Ginger Glazed Tempeh.  It looked perfect and tasted perfect.  This will probably be my next order when I go.tempeh

I’m so glad these lovely ladies liked to share.  For them dessert was a must.   They couldn’t stop talking about it through the entire meal.  When I noticed the dessert menu said things were made with agave or raw sugar I was sold.  Our lovely waitress checked with the chef and they had one dish made with straight agave (the sugar would have made the trip home on the train quite unpleasant). I ordered it right away.  Peach Parfait with ginger ice cream.

me dessert They must be working with magic in the back because I didn’t miss the dairy or sugar at all.  Could fool anyone…including my skeptical Hunni.

Andrea went for a cannoli (can we discuss the awesomeness of cannolis without dairy!?) and Gabriela stuck to her signature Peanut Butter Bomb.  It definitely looked like the bomb and want to have one without the sugar.

cannolipeanut butter bomb

These ladies sure know how to eat and the conversation was such a pleasure!  It didn’t stop at the restaurant as they walked me back towards Penn Station.  I might have fallen asleep in class at the seminar the next morning but that is what a good soy latte is for, right Andrea?


The second meet up was at the beginning of our vacation in Pennsylvania.  Julie from Wearing Mascara lives a bit more than an hour from Momma in Lancaster County.

julie and me I love that part of the state and went there often as a teen for church stuff.  So when I offered to go up for dinner she said yes in a heart beat.  The weather wasn’t too happy with the idea but I went on.


Don’t worry I was stuck in traffic when I took this picture.

Oh boy was dinner and the conversation worth it.  Julie picked John J. Jeffries which is known for serving food that is all grown or raised with in 25 miles of Lancaster County.


Can’t get any more fresh than that.  I scoured the menu before arriving because many of the main courses are meat based but took Caitlin’s advice and ordered two appetizers.  Perfection.


This was the second of the two restaurants to offer us an amuse bouche.  Thank you TOP CHEF again for letting me know what this term meant.  At Candle we had a fruit salad…at John J. Jeffries it was gazpacho.  We know my distaste for gazpacho but I tried it and was pleasantly surprised.  It was quite fresh and had a bit of a bit to it with cilantro I think.

The bread was addicting.  Homemade fococcia and a sweet potato roll.  I could not stop eating it.  They offered to bring us more but I probably could have eaten the entire plate myself.


Julie had been dreaming of a burger the entire day.  This is no ordinary burger.  It is a grass fed burger with the perfect toppings already picked out.  She debated on one of the other options but stuck to her passion for this burger and ordered Farmer Tom’s Heirloom tomato and cucumber salad.

tomato saladburger

I stuck to my two appetizer plans and ordered the Local Roasted Eggplant, Garlic and Pepper Bisque for an appetizer and a Poached Pear Salad for my entree.


I was so satisfied and saddened that I didn’t even have room in my stomach to look at the dessert menu.  Julie is a food sharer too and we compared the food (except the burger of course).

This is a place I want to take Momma and Hunni to the next time we are down for a visit.  The prices were perfect and the setting was gorgeous.

And Julie…what can I say.  We never stopped talking and I’m so looking forward to sharing a room with her at Fitbloggin in May. Can it hurry up and get here?!

Traveling for work may be a pain but the food is so worth it.  Thanks ladies for showing me a great time.  I can’t wait to see where my next trip takes me and who I can hang out with next!


Shout out to Jenna, her husband Joe and awesome, adorable, sweetie pie Katie.  Such a good lunch with them that I took absolutely no pictures and had great conversation.  Such a wonderful thing when people you meet on the internet and communicate with for months are just as awesome in real life.  We can’t stop talking about how great you were and really want to come back and visit again.

Do you try to meet up with other bloggers while traveling?

Are you on Healthy Living Blogs yet!?

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  1. ann rennie permalink
    25/09/2010 2:17 PM

    Wow I want to taste it all they all look soooo good sounds like a great place to eat. ann

  2. 25/09/2010 5:06 PM

    You had me at Peanut Butter Bomb. Yum!!

    Glad you had a nice trip!

  3. 26/09/2010 1:19 AM

    The bun holding that burger looks absolutely perfect!

    Sadly, I’ve never met any other bloggers. I really want to, though!



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