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Anything You Can Dream


If you grew up in Delaware County Pennsylvania you probably spent to some part of your weekend at Booth’s Corners Farmers’ Market.  If you were in my family it was simply called “the sale.”  You can buy just about anything you can dream of at the sale.  My great-grandmother was always down there purchasing ceramics to paint.  I still have a few in my house today.

I build up Booth’s Corners so much in my mind I had to show Hunni all its glory.  Vacation at Momma’s this past week was the perfect time.  Saturday we needed dinner so why not hit the sale for dinner, dessert and a look around. 

First up the food.  I love to eat and this place doesn’t disappoint.  There are so many food vendors you can lose your mind just trying to decide.

I was a bit worried since as a kid there were lots of Amish sausage sandwiches and deep fried anything and everything.


If all else failed I figured I could eat some vegetable tempura at the one lone Japanese place 🙂  God blessed me however and I walked in the door right by this place…


Greek food…yes please!  I ordered the sampler platter while Momma grabbed a Gyros. 


Greek food from Greek people…doesn’t get any better than that.  Oh wait, yes it does…Baklava! IMG_4021

Hunni decided on a crab cake actually made with nearby Maryland crabs.  I didn’t think the food could get any better. IMG_4022

Then Momma reminded me of my favorite dessert as a kid.  Shoo Fly pie.  Pretty much the sweetest piece of pie you can imagine made with black strap molasses and brown sugar with a few other things thrown in.  It’s called shoo fly pie because it was the job of the kids to shoo the flies away as the pies cooled in the windows.  This is a sweet pie. 

In the past I could eat an pie but this time I thought better of it because of the sugar.  Was one bite worth the stomach pains?   

IMG_4025 Yes it was!  I paid for it later but only a bit because I knew the consequences and only had the tip.  Definitely worth it for a taste of my childhood.  Momma and Hunni devoured every crumb of the rest of it.


Now I need to recreate it with beet sugar or perhaps persuade Mama Pea to veganize it for me.

Of course a farmers’ market is full of other foods too. 


We looked but I only bought buckwheat honey for an upcoming cooking creation because it was wicked cheap.  We don’t get prices like this back in Mass.

Farmers’ markets are often full of tons of crafty people and things as well.  This one is no different.  I really want to take it home with me.


This is the perfect place to get my sewing scissors sharpened and my shoes fixed for cheap.  Momma promised I could send them to her and she’d get them fixed for me.  I don’t think I’ll send the scissors through the mail though.  However my sandals will finally be repaired.

We stopped in the ceramics store and I was a bit teary seeing all the wonderful things my great-grandmother had painted in the past.  They still carry some of the things she’s made over 15 years ago.


Hunni and I each bought something to paint for a Handmade Christmas 2010 gift.  I’ll show them to you later because the giftee reads the blog 😀

Hunni truly felt at home this trip and especially at the sale.  In Massachusetts he is an outcast when he walks around in his favorite shirt.


Uh Hunni we live in Patriots country…get with the picture.  But here in PA he is among friends.  He was actually wearing his Eagles shirt the day we went and got lots of high fives and smiles.  These are his people and I had to buy him something since there is no green in Massachusetts…Just say no to the JETS.

IMG_4038He looked at the jerseys but then chose a pennant to hang on his office wall.  It will make for a great discussion piece. 😀

There is so much else to look at we wandered around for at least an hour.  There really is almost anything you can imagine… 


Unless you are looking for a soy latte and then you are chased out of the sale and sent to Starbucks.  I got my coffee and a book 😉  

IMG_4048What places remind you of your childhood?

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  1. 23/09/2010 5:48 PM

    Wow that looks awesome! I want to visit the sale.

  2. 23/09/2010 10:55 PM

    How fun! When I think of my childhood I generally think of the water – because we lived in Florida and Puerto Rico when I was small.


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