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And We’re Back


After seven hours driving…two dogs and a Hunni sleeping…one book on CD and a stop at Subway for dinner, WE’RE HOME!!!!

Don’t get me wrong.  I love traveling and seeing friends, spending time with family and just plain being away from work…but I wanted to sleep in my own bed and be back on schedule.  I missed my regular routine and the craziness it usually brings.  With too much free time on my hands I do crazy things like buy a case of apples and spend an entire day canning.  Not my normal habits.

But today I’m back.  Today we are back on routine.  Our office is still closed for the day but I’m treating it like a normal day.  I’m up at a normal time, answering the million emails I didn’t open while away, preparing for Sunday church services and EXERCISING!

I got in plenty of activity while away.  Long walks on the beach at the farmers’ market and in NYC, lifting big boxes of apples and canning supplies and running the opposite direction of the president to get my coffee.  But it isn’t the same as the pool and the bike.  Today I’m doing both.  I have a mid-day swim with laps to test out some new gear I bought on vacation and then a bike ride with Sarah to catch up on both our trips (she went to Vegas…lucky duck). 

I crave routine and if you had told me 5 years ago that fitness would be part of that I would have laughed at you maniacly as I shoved another donut hole in my face.  Today I crave exercise more than donuts…most days.  Today is that day.  I’m putting on my suit and pink cap at noon and my cool biking capris this evening.  Fitness is routine for me and I love it.  Without it I’m lost and stumble around.  I love the challenge and being back in my routine (even without running for now) is perfect.

What are you doing today for fitness?


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