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Picking (but not your nose)


Where did we leave off…?  Oh yeah!


This was and apple picking trip for canning apples, but then we heard a magic word…PEACHES!


Linvilla Orchards has acres and acres of pick your own and we wanted to take full advantage.


I thought peaches were out of season already but I was all for making some peach butter or spiced peach anything.  We loaded into the wagon and were off to the peach orchards.


The long bumpy ride left plenty of time to practice my self portrait taking…I might need more practice 😀


Of course there were pretty pictures too because who can resist this scenery.


Unfortunately I was right.  Peach season is almost over leaving little fruit on the trees but plenty of bees.  Bees and I are mortal enemies so we picked about 15 decent ones.

IMG_4092I plotted to head back to the farm market for more…and some other goodies of course 🙂

Momma made sure to sample one making sure it was up to par.


Don’t worry it’s figured into the cost and there were lots of other people tasting the product…even the workers. 

Now back to our original adventure…APPLES!


So many more to pick from it was overwhelming.  Everything from you good old Red Delicious to Jonamacs.  Give Hunni and I a bunch of trees to play in and silly antics are bound to happen.


Momma laughed and did her job of taste testing again.


The apples were so perfect we almost couldn’t stop picking.  Then I remembered that I’m apple picking again on Saturday with the CDNY girls in our neck of the woods orchards.  Besides I only have two days to can my little heart out here.  🙂 Reluctantly I stuck to one box.


Crates are good for other things…like baby pictures and new laptop backgrounds.  Lacking the baby we enlisted Momma for a new picture to frame.  What do you think?


Don’t mind Hunni’s face…he didn’t have sunglasses.  Besides he had to carry our box back to the stand to pay and those suckers were pretty heavy.


After paying for our stock (only $24 for the apples and $6 for the peaches) I was true to my word and headed back to the Farm Market to pick up more peaches. 😀


Of course we couldn’t stick to just peaches…we were hungry!

..To be continued

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  1. actorsdiet permalink
    21/09/2010 8:15 PM

    i just realized i’ve never picked peaches before!

    • 21/09/2010 8:16 PM

      It was fun but I want to go earlier in the season next year. Most were gone by the time we went.


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